Are these games active at all on Xbox live?


I’m thinking about grabbing darkstalkers resurrection and MvC origins but I keep hearing how completely dead they are online. I recently picked up SSF2 HD remix and it’s pretty dead, but I can usually get at least a few games in on any given night during certain hours. Usually like the same 5 or so guys but that’s fine with me. How’s MvC and darkstalkers on Xbox at this point?


As far as HDR goes, the bulk of its community seems to play in private rooms or endless matches. It doesn’t help that the matchmaking system was pretty bad, even during it’s popular years in 2008-2010.


HDR matches r pretty steady, but sometimes hard to come by


MvCO is completely dead. But if you like it and have friends to play it with, then go for it. You never know when it’s gonna disappear forever like the other vs. titles. If you get it, I’m always up for some matches.

As for Vampire Resurrection, I heard it was dead on Ranked, but people still play on lobbies.