Are these good sticks?


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Salaubi is pretty decent. Not sure about the other one.

because you love it

cuz deep down you really like it

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the second one isn’t worth your time and money. i’m pretty sure you can mod the first, though.

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If you like Korean parts and are handy with a soldering iron then the Saulabi can be a very good stick.

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It’s a Korean stick. Plays very differently from american/jap sticks.

Here is some info on Korean parts:

I have a stick with all Korean parts, and I would say the stick is more comparable to a Happ Super, but because it uses a piece of rubber instead of a spring to snapback, it is looser. I had the newer version of the Saulabi you linked which has different buttons, so I can’t comment on those.

from what i’ve heard, the korean sticks are good for hardcore tekken players for wave/light dashing since it snaps back into neutral so well.


Good shit thanks.

Yeah I’ll get the korean stick then