Are these good Teams when playing Marvel vs Capcom 3?

Ok I have been practicing since I bought Marvel vs Capcom 3 three weeks ago and I have really been soul searching for teams that I like and seem to work well together. What I want to know is are these teams worth playing as or should I scrap them and find another. My first team is Captain America with Shield Slash assist, Ryu with Tatsumaki Senpukayku assist, and Iron Man with Unibeam assist.

My second team is Deadpool with Quick Work assist, Dante with Jam Session assist, and Chris Redfield with Gun Fire assist. My third team is X-23 with Ankle Slice assist, Spiderman with Web Swing assist, and Thor with Mighty Spark assist.

Now any comments would be helpful and if you have any teams that could work is well would be greatly appreciated because I have spent alot of my time doing mission modes with each character but I just need to know if my Teams are good enough to use against people or should I remake or start over with the people I have.

they seem fine. I’m going to have to try out your teams with the same assists.