Are these pads good for any pad hacking?

#1 xbox 360 nfl, Mad Catz Xbox 360 Controllers

“analog stick broke”

“I purchased my controller brand new off of Amazon. I have had it maybe two months. I’ve only used it four or five times. The last time I used it it kept saying the controller was disconnected from the xbox and then the message would disappear. It did that 5 or 6 times within about 5 minutes.”

"It doesn’t work properly, the buttons stick, and for some god forsaken reason, the controller has a cord that must be plugged in at all times to the USB port in the back of the XBOX. This makes playing online impossible, since you need to plug the wireless adapter into the same port. "

"First one broke after about one month!

Release Date: August 12, 2008*-padhacking-thread*-113675/index27.html#post4487620 " From the looks of things the NFL teams controllers are the same as the microcon. Only the guide button is in a different location. They may have had to pull the microcon so they could build enough of the NFL pads."

Can’t be applicable if they were released in 2008 and the post is from 2007 maybe


if it is the same as the microcon, good luck, that controllers contacts were so tiny, and it wasn’t common ground. Ended up trashing mine.