Are These Possible? (Guile CPS1 Chain)

Are the combos possible without macros and other bypasses?

And, if they are, can they be used in HSF? Because I heard of O. Guile losing his CPS1 Chains in Anniversary Editon.

O. Guile, referring to ST O. Guile, never had CPS-1 chains in arcade ST, and therefore he does not have them in HSF2. Some of the crappy console ports of ST gave them to him, but not arcade. CPS-1 versions of Guile, in HSF2, do have CPS-1 chains, as do other characters that originally had CPS-1 chains. SSF, ST and ST O. characters in HSF2 do not have CPS-1 chains.

Dude, gilley is a true American hero. Of course those HF combos are legit. Man i remember being inspired by these three videos back when i was first trying to get good with CvS1 Guile:

Problem is, they have a lot of difficult parts concentrated into very short timespans, so there isn’t much you can use in matches. Plus a good 90% of Guile’s combo video content is corner combos and it’s a little bit difficult to corner your opponent while you’re holding DB all the time. CvS2 Guile has a much easier time putting the opponent in the corner cuz his forward moving kicks (hopkick and s.HK) are much better than their oldschool counterparts.

How the **** do you do SB, Knee Bazook, SB in three consecutive moves without breaking the chain?

is the website: still up

It’s really not that difficult. Try it out in training mode next time you’re playing. The first Sonic Boom needs to be meaty so you need some kind of a knockdown setup, the spacing needs to be fairly precise so that the knee whiffs, and of course you have to start recharging as you complete the command for the first Sonic Boom.

According to the frame data on NKI’s site, Sonic Boom animation lasts 30 frames and the knee is 32 frames total. So you have your 60 frames right there. Plus the first Sonic Boom will cause so much hitstun that with the proper spacing, you’ll have at least 5 frames of leeway on the timing to get it to combo. It might even be as much as 10 frames, i dunno. But it certainly isn’t one-frame timing or anything crazy like that. However, trying to continue the combo after that can be quite difficult.

I’m sure those combos took a long long time to pull off. Problem is, even if you “master” those combos, you’ll still only get it to work like 25% of the time. Even with the perfect input timing, fireball impact in oldschool games causes the whole game to slow down which wreaks havok on input recognition. So anytime you have a combo with multiple projectiles + difficult link timing + charge limitations, it’s just not something you can depend on when an important match is on the line.

Right, there is a simple way to get SB > wiff knee > SB to connect. You don’t have to worry about frame counts or nothing, you just have to know what to look for. I usually do these combos on Gief or Fei Long. In ST/SSF2, the combo I use to dizzy my opponent first is

j. roundhouse > s.fierce > SB

When you get the timing down, it will dizzy at least 50% of the time. If it doesn’t, just throw another SB and they’ll be dizzy. When you do this combo, you’ll be at the perfect position to start the SB > wiff knee > SB part. The position you start this combo is the first crucial part to getting the big corner combos with guile.

Now, how do you time the first SB in SB > wiff knee > SB so that it hits gief as he’s getting up from the dizzy? When your opponent gets dizzy, they fall over and bounce. It’s this bounce that I look for when I release the first SB. I watch gief’s feet. When I see his feet reach the apex of this bounce, I release the first SB. This will insure that the SB will be meaty and hit him as he wakes up from this bounce.

When I release the first SB, I charge B, then press F, B+P. This is called pre-charging. I’m charging for the 2nd SB before the first one even comes out. After I throw the first SB, I press short kick x2 to insure it comes out. The knee will miss and I’ll land right in front of my opponent as the first SB hits him. I’m stuck in the “FB slowdown” at this point. FB slowdown makes combos very difficult for guile. So for my 2nd SB, I use the “piano” technique. I basically throw the 2nd SB by charging back, then press F,B+fierce~strong~jab. I press each button one after another. This basically give 6 button inputs during the FB slowdown and insures you get that 2nd SB like 99% of the time.

Anyways, this is how you do SB > wiff knee > SB with about 95% percent accuracy :slight_smile:

One of these days I would love to make a webpage with all these crazy OG guile combos and explain how I do each one.

It’s Gilley! :open_mouth: Great vids man