Are these PS2 SF Pads any good?

i’m thinking of getting these for when the guys come over for some SF4. does anybody have any experience with them? how do they compare to the new madcatz ones? thanks.

They are good when priced in the $10-15 range. That price is just a rip off. They work great but they have a very low durability, the d-pad feels good but will only feel that way for a few weeks before it starts to give out. Check around a little more, they show up on here all the time in the trading outlet for no more than $15.

If you have a PS3 then pick up the USB Saturn pads. I had the Xbox version of those 15 Anni pads and they were trash. Apparently the PS2 version is slightly better.

you got a link for that usb saturn pad?

i found it. probably gonna get one. i hate buying shit from china though.

They’re really easy to hack… everything is labeled on the board. I got a used one for $12 at a local gamestop.