Are these sticks & buttons any good?

hello i was searchign today through an ebay like place here in mexico and I found this caught my attention

Mini joystick looks like a sanwa knock off but the interesting part was they also sell a d pad version :wow:

I was thinking of ordering this mini stick just to try and for $65 pesos
thats really cheap (thats around 4.50 usd)

Also if others are interested here are some more links.

I also have a supplier that sells happ button knock offs

6 pesos (around 42 cents) for a button + micro swith

Also got another link where I bough a couple of industria lorenzo sticks

$349 pesos (around 24.42 US dollars) for 2 sticks

PS: I already got a sanwa JLF, and a couple of those Industria lorenzo sticks

Looks like cheap shit, but I’m just wondering how that stick would be mounted? Looks like it may use some type of nut to hold it in place. :wonder:

Man… If you bought this stick as an IL Eurojoystick you’ve been cheated… IL Eurojoystick has square actuators and the picture of this link shows a rounded/circular actuator (more like some Chinese crap copies of Happ Competition/IL Eurojoystick).

yea, they look like they were made form cheap plastic moldings. probably wont last you as long as reputable brands like seimistu and sanwa and happ.

that iL looks more like a happ super

That is a Happ Super.

They look crappy but I saw that the Happ looking stick had cherry micro switches which are what arcades use & should last a long time. Just not sure about the stick & buttons them selves. Of course you could always make a stick with these & switch them out with the real thing later down the road.

hmmm maybe I should get a stick made of cheap Mexican parts for KoFXII. That’d probably take me to the next level.

The only thing stopping you from reaching godlike status is actually being Mexican.

well I’m 3/4ths Mexican and the rest is Filipino which are the Mexicans of Asians so I think I got it covered.

actually I tought I was getting the euro stick myself until I saw what arrived they are indeed the Industria Lorenzo Super stick and with cherry microswitches.:rock:

After some messing around I took apart my hybrid custom stick

and went back to sanwa JLF plus sanwa buttons once a gain:rock:

untill I find a decent box for the IL stick :sweat:

PS: I suppose ill buy the buttons for a buddy who wants a xbox 360 stick