Are they any vids of GOOD players out there?

Besides the Yoshi/Ryu at EVO and the Kazuya at PAX, there seems to be no gameplay of any good players doing crazy combos and other things.
Before you say “hey man the game isn’t even out yet people are just getting their hands on it”, just look at VMVC3, people were doing crazy stuff in that game months before it came out.

So are there any good vids besides the ones already mentioned?

Search for poongko videos in youtube , these are crazy.

also this series from e3 have some pretty good matches , considering it was from the first 3 days.

well seeing how no one owns the game yet and only can get their hands on it at events, it’s gonna be awhile for what you’re looking for.

The only Decent gameplay you are going to find is either at the stream that was recorded yesterday or from the NCR9 gameplay from the E3 build with Justin and everyone. Other wise we aren’t going to have much of any good gameplay until early next year and on top of that this is mainly experimenting at this point.

I don’t see much experimenting, just button mashing, wakeup DPs, and LMH combos in every video
Experimenting would be people trying to do tag cancels and cross assault stuff and actually cancelling into anything
90% percent of videos are people pressing buttons not trying to test anything at all, or matches where there’s 3 Tekken characters and 1 SF character, but the SF character always wins using SF4 tactics instead of trying something new and there’s little to no Tekken character gameplay

there not even doing sf4 tactics minus the the smashing reversals other than that i don’t see people trying to do street fighter combos

Exactly. It’s just real basic stuff we’re seeing outside of canceling a normal into a super or special (though this one’s justified). I’m baffled as to why no one’s trying out the tag canceling.

And can they please make it where people don’t choose Ryu or Kazuya for the time being. It’s like 4/5 of the videos I see have either one in it.

Short answer, no.

The set up answer, if you think they are terrible you should put your money where your mouth is and spend your precious time and money going to Evo instead of something nice.

I’ve seen this guy with Ryu/Yoshi right here (1:11) / He looks better than average.

Nice combo with yoshi.

You just posted one of the vids I mentioned in the first post

People were given advance copies of Marvel. They had time to figure stuff out. People learning SFxT at demos won’t give you cool stuff. They just don’t have the time to develop the game.

They should probably start giving out advance copies of SFxT if they want the game to sell at all
Ever since the removal of chains xx special the game is getting less and less interesting

The majority of MVC3 footage pre release was trash, quit with the revisionist history.

Some people think that not dropping a combo defines a good player.

That’s no different than an essay contest where a person spells every word correctly.

If there are any good players, it would be interesting to watch a bit.

That analogy was so terrible that I felt the need to log in just to post my feelings about it.

well, the korean location test footage had some good players

some of that Ryu/Ken rush down and combos for example looked pretty awesome


How old is that version of SFxT? I thought they got rid of player controlled Cross Assaults and Chains into specials in the TGS build?

yeah, wich is a damn shame.
CA is basically useless now.

Wait, I don’t understand the CA nerf. I thought that your other teammate on screen was CPU controlled until you switched to them. Can you not switch between teammates anymore?