Are throws fine?


The more I play, the more I notice the lack of grabs from my opponents. They’ll come at me and I’ll block. Even if they’re real close and within optimal range for a grab, they choose to use a block string and reset the situation. Sometimes I’ll just grab them before they can start their combo.

Why is this?
Is it the contrast of damage to how easy a throw is to avoid? Are they afraid of eating a reversal once they stop their block string? Are they really hoping that I’ll drop my guard in the middle of their attacks? Is it just the people I play with?

Basically, there’s the topic. Throws are no doubt as awesome as they were in Super Turbo, but I find them to be a good tool simply because I can mix it up with them and it leaves my opponent on the ground. Am I not seeing the whole picture?


no. you should never throw.


Hell the fuck no. I can’t tell you how many times people have thrown me when I was about to wake-up Ultra their ass.

So unfair.


love to throw . . . throw as much as you can lolz.


Throws are chep… there is no way to reversal them!!!


no, throws are…oh, i read the others, nevermind


SF4 throws are the weakest, especially when you add in crouch option select techs. It’s part of the reason why SF4 is turtle friendly.

3 frame startup throws with 0 damage techs vs 0 frame startup throws with throw tech softening.

ST reigns supreme in the throw department (if you love throwing)!


Closing before this thread turns into a sarcastic trainwreck.