Are topdowns/overheads worth using in this game?

Maybe it’s my imagination, but I find overhead attacks in this game too slow to use effectively, when I compare them to other SF games like the Alpha series. I remember confusing ppl with Adon’s toward + strong 2-hit punch, or Guy’s for that matter, and I think they make ground games a lot more exciting.

When I try to use overheads in this game, however like Kyo or Rock’s toward + forward overhead, they just seem so slow, they’re not only seem too risky to use on someone who doesn’t even have meter for a good wake-up attempt, but they’re hard to TIME in this game, so they’ll actually hit your opponent as they get up!!!

I suppose maybe certain characters have good overheads, but I never see ppl use them in competition.

I’m also wondering how common they are in this game. I know some characters have them, like Ken, Kyo, Rock, Iori (I think), Sakura, Hibiki (gotta check), etc., but only Sakura’s seems useful because it doesn’t come out that slowly.

Ok: that’s all. I hope they’re still useful! (I made this post longer while I’m waiting for the 4-minute time limit to end before I can post again.) thanks in advance for any ideas!

They are hard to use. But theyre quite dangerous to use on wakeup…I would suggest using them during a low poke string…i.e. c.LK, c.LK, overhead…then go for a throw or a quick poke or something…


Gouki Overhead

Cancelled before it hits…Into a Shun Goku Satsu

fuck that…overheads should be used in certain situations ONLY, like when the other person doesn’t have meter, can’t really retaliate, and ur doing a block string, and they aren’t expecting it…a lot of if’s huh…thats why they aren’t really used…RC’s hurt the uses of slow overheads too…but hibiki’s overhead is good as shit, its quicker than it looks, and u can cancel that into a super…its fool proof also

i didn’t think about that…i play k-groove

good ideas, guys. I’m trying to find more block strings, and recently, I was trying an overhead in a string with Hibiki to check the speed of the overhead at the end of it (practice on the cpu…if I remember correctly).

DAMN! I need to work on RCs!, but I have trouble even telling if I did it right, though I think I managed to do an RC-Claw Roll with Vega today, with the shoulder buttons on the standard DC control pad, because I THINK I could tell that I did an RC. It sucks to be blind and unobservant O_O