Are tourney players really that egotistical?

Hello, first time poster (obviously) and I actually found this forum when I googled “tripping is dumb” (lol) but found it an interesting read. I’ve been playing super smash since the early days of melee but mostly just for fun–I’ve only been to a few tournaments, none of them regional or anything. I’m pretty good vs, my friends, certainly not tourney material though…yet. :stuck_out_tongue: I want to meet patient, experienced brawlers who wouldn’t mind playing with me and teaching me the tricks to successful competing.

However…one thing makes me nervous about doing this. It seems that every tournament player I’ve met before (or at least those who claim to be) have very big egos, and like to belittle everyone who isn’t as good as they are, even when it’s that person’s first time playing. Is it requisite that tournament players be so rude and elitist? If there is only an occasional person like that, I can understand, but if the majority of tournament players are that unpleasant, then I don’t think I particularly want to pursue playing in a tournament…


When I went to my first tournament, I went 0 - 2 in the brackets and didn’t do very well at all. However, the people I played were very friendly and didn’t gloat or act egotistical at all.

Everyone’s tournament experience is going to be a little different. Give it a chance, attend a couple of tournaments, if you come to the conclusion that it’s not a scene that you wanna be apart of, then there’s always more. =)

A similar thing happened to me in my first tournament as well (went 0-2). Despite not being able to play very well when compared to other players (and feeling a little self conscious about it), I was complimented for what I was able to do anyways. So for the most part, tourny players are very friendly and respectful like Corimon says. There are exceptions, but they will not come up very much unless you specifically search them out (i.e, by being disrespectful yourself).

In my tourney experience, the more egotistical players are the ones who aren’t as good, or the ones that are godly. I know some amazing players who are some of the most down to earth dudes, though. Lee Martin isn’t that egotistical… but it depends on what you define that as.

While SRK is by far the biggest community for fighting games in general, typically Smash is less popular here. If you want to learn more about Smash, try the following websites:

Also, I am a relatively famous Brawl player, and I can tell you that most of us are nice, and we welcome you to our community =)

I’ve never had a bad experience at smash tournies. I get 0-2’d most of the time, and my skill level has stagnated for a while. They’re still friendly and eager to offer advice.

It’s a great community. Very chill group of people. If it weren’t, I would not be playing this game anymore.

The only 2 issues with the smash community are:
1 - the rift between Melee and Brawl
2 - the rift between Smash Bros and other fighting game communities.

That’s the only drama you’ll ever encounter, and it’s pretty easy to ignore/avoid.

I used to play Smash competitively, but left the scene due to real life issues like work and school johns. For the most part though, the smash community is extremely nice. They are really tight knit and are extremely willing to give advice to all who ask.

However Bees is right there is such a rift in Smash and other communities due to its easiness and “kittiness.” However all of that being said, just play the game you like. If you want to get competative pick a good character. Do not go in thinking you can win tourneys with Ness or Lucas. Though there have been players that place well with Ness (like Shaky) they are few and far between. Thats all the advice I have for you.

I’ve only met a couple of famous Brawlers and honestly, they do come off a little egotistical until you talk to them. I remember my first impression of one famous player was a little bad because he just came in the room yelling stuff. I ended up getting to talk to him and he introduced himself. We shook hands and just chatted. He was really cool. Another one I met was very intimidating but he was awesome to play with. I just get nervous because in my eyes top name Smash players are like celebrities.

Mention Street Fighter around them and they flip out.
God forbid you even mention tiers, and they ALWAYS mention a meme from that Brawl Taunts video.
Friendly people, but quick tempers and very talkative.

some of them are. but a lot of them are really nice.

You find some older egotistical players from older games, why would one not find some for a game whose player base is quite young? The younger one is, the more self-affirmation one needs, in general. That is why you see, e.g., lots of bulling and disrespect towards teachers at early grades, but not nearly as often at university level.

So if you go into a Smash venue and go around saying “Street Fighter” all hell breaks loose?
Nah man. I remember at Pound 4 (largest Smash tourney ever, ie largest amount of Smash players in one location) there was a big TV in one end of the room where people played SFIV. Didn’t hear many complaints.

Oh and tiers. Uhm yeah it’s a competitive gaming community, of course they don’t mind talking about tiers lol.

I come from the Smash scene. It’s generally dominated by the US and also more of a tightly knit community. Lots of memes and inside jokes that can be alienating for SF players but trust me there’s a lot of maturity in the Smash scene and if you check the boards you’ll find a lot of in-depth and helpful discussions of character balance in a really unbalanced game.