Are u considering the psp? it's got some good fighters lined up for portable play

anyone here considering to get a psp? there are good fighters headed its way… alpha3 upper, GGX judgement, (already out) dark stalkers. im just not sure about the d-pad and if it can withstand all the thumb work…especially geif’s 360s

3 fighters is nowhere near “a good lineup”.

Lemme know when Soul Calibur or Virtual Fighter are on PSP, and I’ll pay some attention.

well yeah i know that, but i mean if more and more (good fighters) are headed to it, would u consider getting it?

Still a hell no. The fact doesn’t change it’s a portable, so fighters isn’t the best genre for it.

do u just play serious all the time? what ever happened to playing for fun on long trips?? i didnt make this thread asking u if you considered the psp for serious gaming competition wise or anything… i meant for fun since its got some fighters coming to it already. thats what i meant if u misunderstood.

They just say “no” becuase they think it’s cool. They know they’d buy a fighter if they had a psp

I dont need a psp

Theres also Bleach and KOF:MI. GGJudgement comes with full #Reload, too.

Eh fighters on portables always felt weird for me, I never got used to it.

If I got a portable I’d defeintely not buy fighters for it, maybe some action/RPG games.

yeah one of the reasons that Im buying a psp is because thats probably gonna be the last maintsream outlet 2d games will have, I mean do you think capcom is gonna develope any 2d fighter for the 360 or ps3 NO WAY.

I played Dark Stalkers on my fried’s PSP, it feels weird… I might consider it if a PSP wasn’t 250 dollars.

Someone tell me when they put 3s onto PSP and how they managed to create a portable arcade-perfect joystick, and I’ll consider buying one!! :tup:

Until then, I’d rather get a PDA with Wi-Fi.

Fighting games on Neo Geo Pocket Color = kick ass

on PSP = good, but d-pag sucks

If you people prefer playing shitty-ass GBA games over quality fighters on a portable that can actually do arcade-perfect ports, your choice.

The question should be “do you think Sony and Microsoft are going to allow developers to release shitty-looking, old-ass 2d fighters for the HIGH-DEFINITION 360 and ps3?

The PSP is the only place where 2D fighters will stay alive. Get on with the times, or see the genre die.

I would consider it if:

  1. web browser/messenger/email capability without hacks
  2. King’s Field is released

Whether it’s serious competition or fun wise, you’ll either need another person to play with, with a psp and the same game, or you’ll play the computer.

I don’t see how 2d will stay alive with a 3d compatible system, especially when fighters are non-existant in the US as it is. When you don’t have many psp is the US, and even less fighting game fans, you’re not gonna get that big of numbers anyways, i don’t hate the psp for no reason, i just don’t think 2d fighters alone are worth it.

And about long trips, yea it would be good, but whenever i go on a trip, we bring a small tv, with a AC adapter, so i can just play w/e system i have.

The only real feature i see with a psp is after hacking it or buying memory sticks, when i already have other equipment that can do that, and much more, called a laptop.

See, I (as in ME ALONE) have no reason to buy one so why should I? Maybe you guys do, but i don’t that’s why i said i will never buy one. That’s me though, end of discussion, stupid reason to get into a flame war.

I just got the Bleach game yesterday. Interesting little game we have here. I’m so used to QCFs and diagnols(Tekken) that I can’t press X X X X forward Circle for the life of me. But in due time I’ll get used to it. Nice graphics and it has the first opening theme of the series.

hopefully 2d fighters will pick up some steam on the psp. That little nub isnt so bad when you get used to it.

If I am correct on this, and I probably am…the PSP D-pad is pretty much the same as the PS2 controllers d-pad, and that dpad is actually well liked in the fighting community, in tekken for example controllers are allowed at tourneys and A LOT of top players prefer pads over sticks.

This post was in response to the person who said PSP d-pad sucks.

Dual Blades > All those portable fighters.:cool: