Are ultras needed?

i know it seems kinda pointless to assume this but if capcom put a feature in the game to allow ultras to be turned off would anyone else use it apart from me, its not even that far fetched i mean with the ability to allow a choice of ultras some content they could make available for download could be a game mode that disallowed ultras if enough people showed interest in it

Although I dont like ultras, the game seems to be built around them.

If they made the EX Meter like it was in third strike, id rather just see something like that.

I’d say they’re handy and can get you out of a pickle/level the playing field depending on how you set them up.

Personally I only use Vega’s ultra in certain matchups where it’s pretty much a guaranteed punish. Same goes for Bison because they’re not easy to set.

Needed? Not so much.
Useful? Yes.

I don’t think there is one character that actually NEEDS an ultra, but I see no reason turn it off. Don’t jump in on shotos too much, zone the f out of rog and rufus, stop fireball spamming chun, etc. Total homer statement here (I think Ono-san said this once or twice) but ultras keep you honest, they’re not op’ed in most cases, and useless to opponents if don’t give them a chance to use it.

If there were no Ultras, suckas would get owned!


The whole risk/reward ratio is all screwy with ultras playing such a large role. I, like many others on this board, don’t care for the concept of high damage attack rewards earned for losing. However, SFIV is balanced around them so just having the option to turn them off doesn’t address the problem.

I agree that the super meter only approach is the best way to go. EX move usage balanced against saving up for the big damage attack. In SFIV, at the very least i’d prefer the damage numbers on supers and ultra be inverted. Supers acting as the high damage reward for saving meter, and ultras acting as the smaller damage late round bonus for taking damage.

what would dhalsim be without his ultra? I’d say to compete in higher levels of play with dhalsim, you would need an ultra. His ultra is amazing and its a big help too.

I just wish Ultras weren’t so inconsistent character to characters, some you can combo in to really easy and others are hard as hell hit with.

I prefer ultras to supers from SF3 because they’re harder to hit confirm into. They SHOULD be difficult to combo in to unlike in 3s where both players just fish for 1 single poke for 60 seconds in order to land their super.

If anything I still wishing they were harder to land.

Ultras are just another type of super, what difference would it make? Because it rewards the losing player with a chance to come back? No Ultra’s would mean relying on Supers and some characters in it’s current state can’t build meter much (Unless it was like 3S), some are more dependent on it for ex specials like Chun Li. Also I think Street Fighter 4 would lose it’s charm, it’s really what makes SF4 what it is, without it it would be just another SF clone.

i dont like ultras but i dont hate them either. i rarely use ultras unless my character needs them to dish out damage. i would prefer the way they did it in sf3 but i can see why ultras were ‘needed’ in this game as in if they werent there this game would be a very bland watered down version of third strike. it would be nice though to see that menu feature from third strike in another street fighter game.

my idea for ultra would be something either like SFex’s level 3 supers, (which is what it is based on), or desperation attacks from kof. Basically you’d need full super meter and your life would have to be very low. Unfortunately, sf4’s meter isn’t tiered. Actually, I hoped/thought originally the ultra meter would gain (when the game wasn’t out yet) when you did successful focus attack absorptions and a little to a lot less for damage. That would be a better system. It’s better than downgrading ex’s and supers, and it would still serve the same purpose, people would just have to be smarter about it. It would also make the game more offensive, which (compared to KOF, 3s, even ST) it is decidedly not.

This is a beat-em-up, you always want/need to dish out damage, so I’m not really with you?

Ultras aren’t needed, but I think it’s fun how the game suddenly changes (or should change) once a player gets beat on enough. It’s also a test of skill to the one giving the beatings. For the loser, he’s entitled a move with comeback potential built into it.

That means the “better player” has to change his strategy and not do quite as risky/plentiful moves. If he wins then that shows he really earned it. If he loses, then he can’t really argue he’s better, since he got caught doing something risky enough to be punished well.

I was wishing for this long before SSFIV was completed. I like Supers and Ultras, but I like the stuff that happens without them WAY more. I would love to see victories/losses occur independently of these moves, just like in the good ol’ days!

So yeah, I’d use the mode. It should be just a mode though. Just like you can set rounds, you should be able to disable Supers/Ultras.

They’re an integral part of SF4 and SSF4 so it would be strange to say the least if you played without them. Although I still prefer Third Strike’s method of doing things with the one meter and that’s it.

Ultra’s are a dumb mechanic but like many have said already the game is built around them and would require significant changes to remove them

I actually like the concept of ultras. To me, its the equivalent of Desperation moves from the Fatal Fury series (Last one I played was part 2 for the snes so dont kill me). Any whos are they needed? Probably not but I think the game is actually more fun this way as in an instant the flow of battle can be changed. What I do think was dumb though was giving Akuma 2 raging demons and not his ground slash move from SF3S but thats another matter…