Are vortexes Vega's main weakness. If so, a proposed solution:

In the general SF4AE discussion section we’re talking about vortexes. Vega came up as one of the characters who supposedly gets bodied worse than others by vortexes. I don’t play Vega, but I know his weakness is to pressure, so I guess this is true.

What do you guys think of this new addition for Vega?

Ex flying barcelona variant:
Depending on the two punch buttons pressed, Vega’s ex barcelona will have different properties. The property it has currently is that it initially attacks the opponent on the way up knocking them into the air.

A new variant: Another variant causes Vega to lose his initial attack from ex barcelona. Instead he now has 1 point of armor. This version of the ex is used for escape purposes.

I have no clue on whether this would make Vega overpowered, underpowered, or do nothing to help or hurt him. If it is overpowered, then this variant could be tweaked in terms of perhaps costing 2 bars of meter instead of 1 to initiate. A more creative option I though of was that perhaps this version could only be enacted if Vega has his mask on, and his mask flies off as he absorbs the armor so he needs to pick it up again before he can have access to this ex variant. The mask pretty much works as his armor point lol.

I put this up here for Vega players to discuss. I have never played Vega but I think he’s cool.

That’s actually a damn good idea. Just making front EX barcelona a hitter and back EX barcelona an armored move

I support this.

Demon Flip Grab will still grab him out of this (9f until airborne).
Demon Flip Punch will break the armor.
Demon Flip Kick will be absorved by the armor and Vega will fly away… to be punished by U1 when he lands.
So it doesn’t help against Gouki at all.

Kunai mix up will be the same, you will still need to guess which side she is on. If you guess wrong then the non-armored EX FBA will come out and you will hit a counter hit combo.
Either way, you will be punished by EX Neckbreaker when you land.

So… not gonna help.
Claw doesn’t actually need this kind of tool anyway.

Although, if the EX FBA could be cancelled as it got to the wall… that would be nice. Eating a punish that range from 200 to 500 damage because you missed a one frame link (soon to be 2f link, though) or because EX FBA whiffed due to the motherfucking crMP not having the center of Vega deslocated at all is a fucking pain.

Anyway, this discussion is now pointless as the time for suggestions already expired.

The idea could be interesting IMO. But armored moves have already been suggested, and apparently not selected by Capcom. As Haztlan said, time’s up. =)

This seems like a pretty good idea at least with the mask being a good variant on the option. I think his rolling claw could be linked into one of his ultras though I suppose the animation could look weird. Or maybe Splendid Claw being linked more easy from certain combos. Just an idea.

Could you please let this topic die already? We are not on gamefaqs.