Are we even dancing anymore?

The downfall of the dance: [media=youtube]YGcQ5suJ7Ws[/media]

Dancing died for me once MJ’s career fell.

was that Drake at an all ages party?


Shit is sad now a days.


Now a days Dry humping = dancing.

Wonder whats next for dancing lol.

I see that kind of thing on World’s Dumbest occasionally. Really bums me out :frowning:

1st part
I wanted to jack off to that

2nd part


Find any dance floor at any time in human history and you’ll see the same shit going on in that video… with A LOT better music and fashion.

I’m very confused.

So yeah, the first part is obvious rape.
I’ve been on the dance floor before, but never seen it taken that far.

Second part of the vid, I was expecting some b-boy action, and turned out to be… nothing.
The crowd even made room for them to start styling, yet they didn’t bust out anything. Places looks whack as shit.

What gives?

You know this reminds me of something my friend told me. He was telling me that he grinds chicks in parties since its too dark in there for anyone to see his boner. I told him he needs to control himself… and learn to dance.

No, we’re not dancing anymore. We’ve become human.

All I saw out of that vid was a bunch of shapeless, pudgy white girls trying to shake what they don’t have.

Nothing to see here, folks.

Glad I don’t go clubbin now…

Ummm… I never saw this shit while I was clubbing.

That’s because you didn’t grow up in Puerto Rico. I will apologize for all the retarded shit that reggeaton has brought the outside world and how retarded it has gotten. That said, shit is hella fun in the club. You may hate from the outside but you won’t complain when you have a nice ass grinding with you.

Daggering(The daggering in this vid is 100% terrible) And Hard-Style(and also is 100% terrible) used to be cool.


This thread reminds me of that Brazilian lap dance craze they invented last year called the Surra de Bunda. What was an over the top violent hip attack pretty much devolved into dudes sitting on the floor while women rubbed hot sweaty ass in their faces, rikishi-style.

That’s reminds me, I need to head over to Brazil someday.

looked like some soft-core daggering, if you’re gonna hump each other, do it off a chandelier. Make that shit dangerous.

also 2 men shouldn’t be doing some wack ass choreographing unless you’re on some kid n play house party shit.