Are we ever gonna see Joker vs Fanatiq?


I might be in the minority here but I still want to see this even after he got exposed by Justin, maybe he learned a few things from that experience. I think it would still be hype to be honest.


Probably not. I don’t see how anyone would take the risk to back Joker in a big money match in the thousands.


I’d love to see this as well.

I’m sure Fanatiq would win though. Getting boded by Justin Wong really set Joker back.

This video STILL puts a smile on my face. ThugLyfe.



The short answer is: probably never.


Honestly, that response just made things harder on himself. It could have been easier to just say: “Hey Fanatiq, you’re on bitch”, but no… he went with a mouthful instead.


Wtf man. Mvc1 isn’t involved in the op? You’re slacking today.


Definitly like to mm him still and I still got enough backers to make it more then the rayray mm… But we haven’t talked since toryuken so nothing is in the works.
All I know is that rayray is coming to t13 (Toronto major) and we definitly going to get some form of race to something


Oh, I guess it’s still alive. Cool cool cool.


Ok thats good to hear, by the way when you faced Justin wong in XvSF what were you guys playing on? Arcade Supergun?


… So how much of a head start will Joker be getting?


There’s no point, Fanatiq beats Justin on the regular, RayRay can handle Fanatiq’s lightweight


You should challenge Alukard (if he can travel) to find out who has the best ironman. It would be great to see since nobody else really reps Tony.


Fanatiq is pitifully bad. And a joke.


man that prides himself and has a really nice track record of never losing long sets and also is skynet tier downloading skills in mid match/set…
logic: lets mm him in a long set!

fanatiq - guy that has been using the same team for the past like 12 years and people still can’t beat him and he still consistently places in majors. also helped to remove the retarded stigma of that if you play on pad, you are a automatic scrub and showed the fgc that pad is possible…
fanatiq =

lol wut


Joker mm vs Fanatiq will be boring. All Major placing players know Joker drops combos and Fanatiq simply beats him free. Give me Frutsy vs Nos99 any day


Fanatiq didnt play mss. He played damn msp. When will people stop getting this wrong ._.


This x100


undermining comments or not, the team has still been around for like 9 years amirite?


The team may have been around for years, but MSS in MVC3 play nothing like they did in MVC2. Fanatiq is still a good player but I wouldn’t use the idea of people not being able to figure out his “team”(yes, I know he played MSP) after so many years(9)as proof of his skills or anything. They’re two completely different games.


It’s widely known and accepted that he’s used the same team and no one can figure him out, but that’s because he hasn’t adapted his game play. Even Noel Brown said at ECT4, Fanatiq’s playing Marvel 2. No one will agree but even with as crazy as UMvC3 is, it feels to me like MvC1 on Bath Salts.