Are we not just getting too old?


Of all the discussions and arguments about X-Men, something about me just feels that maybe I’m and we’re just getting a bit too old. I’m 35 now, I used to read Marvel comics and watched 90’s X-Men on Fox Kids, and when 1996 hit and XMvSF came about it was a dream come true to see these characters animated in the game, unfortunately I wouldn’t play it till years later. But to finally have Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops on CPS2, you know the feeling.

But thinking about it, that was 20 years ago, a child could have been born in 1996, could be 21 years old now in the FGC and might look back on the 90’s X-Men in the same way I look back on 60’s Batman. We don’t see people demanding that NRS put KAPOW, BANG, SPLASH, KAPLAT and all sorts of slapstick effects in Injustice, the game is up to date, even to the point of Harley Quin being her Suicide Squad incarnation, and some Infinite haters actually praise NRS on what a good job they’ve done.

I find that a bit odd. Are we not just becoming really grumpy old autistic men being too set in our ways and totally afraid of change? I kind of feel like I am. I have to admit, I love GotG, so if Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Star Lord are in the game I’ll be absolutely buzzing. I was watching Flash and Arrow TV series and thought to my self, “this is some Tokusatsu shit”, but some of the new Marvel movies are actually really good.

Don’t get me wrong I want X-Men in this game more than any other, but I kind of feel passionate in the same way someone in their 60’s feels about Batman, I honestly haven’t watched any of the new X-Men movies.

At some point you have to let go, I think Marvel have a good point that a lot of young people won’t even recognise X-Men in the same way we do, and for the base roster to be MCU based is probably the best stategical move. I hate to admit it but it’s true, Fox have their own canon now, it doesn’t really mix with what else is going on in the MCU and the Infinite storyline, it’s kind of understandable. It’s a cunts trick, but understandable.

And here’s hoping we’ll get an X-Men DLC pack, they might not be in the base roster but it gives Marvel and Fox some time to properly represent Fox’s characters and implement them into the game in a way that keeps both parties happy. Quite frankly I think in MvC3 we were spoiled.


No. Next question.


You’re 12 this doesn’t apply to you.


This is idiotic. ‘Young people’ who would buy this game know exactly who the X-Men are and the only reason they are not in the game is because Marvel is pissed they sold the film rights.

You think more people know who Captain Marvel is, or Wolverine?

Don’t be daft.


I definitely get the feeling that this game wasn’t made for me, if that’s what you mean.


no, the 3d models of the new games look objectively terrible


People acting like X-men hasn’t been around since before most of you niggas were born. It’s not about getting old. It’s simple; Marvel wants to make skrilla but they can’t make that hollywood skrilla with X-men so they said fuck em.


Shut up fischbs


Why the fuck would you want 8ing to touch another Marvel game. As good as 3 turned out, it’s pretty obvious that they don’t understand the small details that made the older games work. Stuff like how the combo system worked, to small details like how character’s aerial attacks get turned around when they’re crossed under. 3 was made to look and replicate this general concept of “Mahvel” craziness, but the stuff under the hood was quite different.


You can’t say X-Men are “too old” or that “people might not remember the X-men”, when we’ve had a new X-Men movie almost every year now and unfortunately they do pretty well in the box office. Shit, one is being made RIGHT NOW.

There is nothing to look into. Combofeind said something dumb in order to sell the game he’s working on.


Greatest movie? Someone has low standards.


Xmen are infinitely more well known and liked than captain marvel ever has or will be. Kids also dont read comics. Find another excuse, Flicky.
Oh damn, AND this nigga shit on toku? Your new name is Fuckey for that one.


The Xmen aren’t popular schtick is ultimately just an attempt to downplay one of their most popular franchises ever. Honestly if it wasn’t for the Xmen I probably wouldn’t have read comics. The fact that kids don’t read comics actually helps FOX honestly. They don’t realize how shitty the movies are in comparison /old man


I’m one of the few I guess but I’ve never really loved the x men. They are boring vanilla versions of much better and more interesting characters out there. meh.

Would love to see more superheroes out of the norm, or x men in full form like night crawlers opening scene in that one x men movie.

Still, if they ain’t got shit like this going on, then give some other heroes a chance:


A lot of marvel movies are better than marvel comics.

I’d wager a months salary on the captain marvel movie being better than any of her comics.

And iron man is fucking riri Williams lol


Of course it’s subjective, but if one had to go? As a fan I’d lose all the movies first, before getting rid of all the comics.
Riri is pretty dope, but Iron Man still has a book no? (I don’t buy shit anymore and haven’t for like 10 years.) My fandom
is rooted in nostalgia which is also one of the things the movies bank on.


Not everything that older people dislike has to do with us becoming “grumpy old men”. A lot of things today really do suck shit. There is way too much content made by people that have no business making content. And the fact that it’s affordable and easy to do compounds the issue. .

The fact that I think 99% of all music made in the past 5 years is mindless trash that requires zero skill to write and produce might just be me being a grumpy old man. But I don’t think we’re being old men on the issue you’re talking about.

I know people are getting on Combofiend, but I think he was kind of hamstrung on what he could say. I’m sure he wanted to say “Yeah, I know. No X-Men is fucking wack and stupid”, but he couldn’t say that and he had to try to put a positive spin on it. He was in a lose/lose situation.


To answer OP’s question:


Shitting on Toku? Hell no! You can take that back! Tokusatsu is my shit! But watching The Flash was like watching Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, awesome in a way but really cheesy and guilty pleasure like, it didn’t seem very high on the production side of things. But give me a decent Kamen Rider Decade fighting game any day of the week and I’ll be there.


the characters they they are adding are actually more obscure then the xmen and spider man and f4
this is all about pushing what they wanna push