Are you a Batman or do you prefer balls?

I just got a bat top for me Sanwa modded SE, and my dear god I can’t believe the difference between it and the ball top. I feel like I have tons of extra control and dashing now seems effortless whereas it seemed like a burden with the balltop.

I’m finding that I have more precise control over the stick too because the bat top seems to flow into the stick if that makes any sense lol whereas the balltop always felt a little clumsy to me. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that I have really big hands so it’s harder for my 3 finger grip style to grab the ball comfortably…

But anyway now that i’ve expressed my joy, which do you prefer? bat top or ball top?

I’ve got a feeling the ball top will be more popular mainly due to the fact that it was probably most common in arcades when you guys were younger, anyway should be interesting to see.

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I have to say I was slightly amused by the title.