Are you a Batman or do you prefer balls?


Are you a Batman or do you prefer balls?

I just got a bat top for me Sanwa modded SE, and my dear god I can’t believe the difference between it and the ball top. I feel like I have tons of extra control and dashing now seems effortless whereas it seemed like a burden with the balltop.

I’m finding that I have more precise control over the stick too because the bat top seems to flow into the stick if that makes any sense lol whereas the balltop always felt a little clumsy to me. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that I have really big hands so it’s harder for my 3 finger grip style to grab the ball comfortably…

** But anyway now that i’ve expressed my joy, which do you prefer? bat top or ball top?**

I’ve got a feeling the ball top will be more popular mainly due to the fact that it was probably most common in arcades when you guys were younger, anyway should be interesting to see.


Bat all the way!! ive lived off Happ parts since i was 6 (around the time SF2:CE was out). sure nowadays they suck but you never forget the feel of 'em. and while i understand the love of ball tops (ability to hold it any way you want. very flexible grip. certain grips bring out way faster motions.) its greatest strength is also is greatest weakness, because you can run into a series of awkward grips before you may find one that works for you. and even then, itll still take awhile to adjust. but for those who use it i totally understand it. it works for japan players and for alot of american tournament players too.

just in my case, i have more experience with bats than i do balls.

edit: no homo.


Ball top is the best. The bat top always feels a little off. I feel that I can hold on the ball top better.


Yep, the Japanese sure do love balls.


I love my balls <3 Because of how I move the stick. I find bat-tops…I dunno, I just don’t like them all that much.

Oh god, this thread is going to erupt into innunendo.


I think it really depends on your grip, I use the 3 finger grip so I have much more control of the stick when I’m using the bat than the balltop. But I understand a hell of alot of people use the wineglass grip which would be near impossible to pull off without a balltop I imagine.


Balltop all the way, its so MUCH more ergonomic and thus aids in accuracy. The shape of the ball just contours to the natural alignment of the fingers so well and gives one that GRIP.

Anyone preferring to still use bat just has not spent much, if any time, on japanese controls.


I use the three fingered grip on the balltop just fine.


I am adaptable to either so I guess I’m a Batman who likes balls.


I definitely prefer balls. I attempted to use a bat top for quite some time, but I was never able to find the “right” grip for a bat top so everything was awkward for me.


I’ve used both, but I prefer balltop.


This made my day.


Either one is good for me as long as the stick works as it should.


I’ve tried the bat top on a JLF, but just can’t get used to it. Prefer the balltop, <3 the look of meshballs.


I can agree with Kazujiro. The look of those meshballs are fantastically sexy. Either way, I learned on a ball top, so even though I can feel the difference between the two, and have more control with a bat top, I prefer the ball top.


Hmmm…I have both Bat and Ball on different sticks. Played with one top for a while then switched to see which one I preferred. I would have to say Balltop in the end. A couple of my other buddies liked the Bat-top better, they said it gives them more control. I personally used the giant 45mm Balltop for a long time, but switched back to 35mm and adjusted.

With that said, balls to the wall all day. But I can play fine as a Batman. (oh the innuendos…hahaha)


Bats are fine for fighters but feel weird as hell for shmups.


Either or, but if I had my druthers I’d prefer a bat top. What I grew up on in American arcades, so it just feels right.


No way.

Bubbletops > Mesh


Balls all the way, I just love the way it feels in my hand (no homo). That and the ability to change grip style depending on what game I’m playing. Shumps, fighters, puzzle, beat em’ ups, ect.