Are you a fan of parrying?

I just wanted to know people’s feelings on parrying. For example, in SFIII: 3rd Strike, many people loved the parry system, and thought it added strategy to the game, and wasn’t easy to do unless you really practiced. While others didn’t like the parry much, and believed it slowed the game down too much, along with people sometimes just sitting back waiting for the opposition to hit, so they can parry, and unleash a combo.

So what are your feelings on parrying in general? Do some games do it better than others? If so, which ones have the best parry system? Do you really think it slows down matches too much? Or does it ultimately come down to the dev(s) implementing it in a reasonable and fair way, while making sure the gameplay is at a decent pace?

I personally think that parrying systems add a lot more depth to the games. And it also allows for even more strategies and variations in play styles. A turtler for example, no longer has to be content with quick pokes and blocks. His defense (with parrying) can instead become an offense in a way.

You no longer have to give up on being the aggressor in order to play defensively.

I don’t see where complaints against the system would really come in, unless someone just hasn’t taken the time to attempt to master the timing behind it. I never really saw a situation where gameplay is ever limited by parrying, and only see it as being an enhancement.

I am however, a huge fan of SFIII, and probably have a huge bias in favor of the SFIII system. :wink:

Daigo is

I would say I am.

If I couldn’t parry, I would forever remain on the defensive end in certain games.

I hate it. I really just hate loosing to a random parry into super.

I hate it,but its a neccessary evil.If you get red parried in 3rd Strike,you are going to get fucked up pretty badly.



Absolutely not.

I do not think Justin Wong is

Losing to randomness? What are you talking about?

Oh yes.

It’s all educated guesses.

Random one makes me happy too.

Parrying and I are in a relationship but we’re not sure how far we want to take it.

It makes the game WAY more balanced.

everything was said in this thread.

if the first 3 pages are stupid, wait til viscant starts the debait around page 4.

parry dumbs games down.

agreeing wholeheartedly with this post, that thread contains all you need to know on the matter

Not a big fan of it myself.

I think it helps the game…no longer can people just think “oh, all I have to do is this string over and over because it’s so good and advantageous on block, that most likely I won’t get countered”. Parrying encourages people to mix up and not be predictable. The ones who stay predictable, either because they are not good at being unpredictable, or think that repeating some “good strings” is going to win them matches, will not get very far in the game.

As for slowing the game down…really depends how good you are at parrying. The japanese have some insane parrying skills, to the point where they can play quickly and still be able to parry on reaction to many things. Parrying does not seem to slow the game down for them. Without parrying, the game would seem to favor a lot of mindless rushdown…of course, it also prevents some playstyles, as stated.

thats why I hate them though.
it rewards being unpredictable
and punishes mind games.

Dislike it, more or less.

Really, the only type of “Parrying” esque system I really liked were the ones introduced in the likes of Samurai Shodown and Last Blade. You could do them, and they could possibly change the flow of a match, that much was true. But, on the other hand, they were often such a high-risk, low-to-medium reward manuever to pull off (much moreso in SS), that you couldn’t hope to rely on them as any sort of security blanket, or something that you could really expect to base an entire line of strategy for future matches. You were just lucky if you got it off, and that was that.

I enjoyed it in games like SC3/VF4, but in stuff like Smash brothers melee with Marth/Roy and SF I disliked the way it was handled. Marth/Roy had it too easy for one and as someone said above it’d turn into a gay little waiting game in SF.