Are you a tool? Do taunts affect how you play?

After the Scumbag stick tossing at Evo as a result of a poorly timed taunt, how do taunts affect you?

  • When you’re doing them
  • When you’re on the receiving end
  • Does the taunt’s sentiment depend on the match so far for you?

What do you guys think of them and are you for taunting or against it? Share any interesting stories if you’d like.

When the opponent taunts, I reflexively become very defensive, because I just assume it’s some elaborate bait that I don’t wanna fall for.

Taunts force people to go on the offensive online.

90% of the time if I do the tuant 3 with dhalsim (the one where he stands on one leg really high and says something) people will move forward giving me a frea ia-teleport combo.

  • I only taunt with Dan, mostly because his taunts are full of win and I’m probably not serious at all while using him.
  • I laugh to myself when someone taunts me. I don’t go rushing in headfirst in anger or anything, but 9 times out of 10 they get a beating for taunting me.
  • In certain situations. If I’m in an endless talking to the person, the taunt can mean close to nothing. But if I’m in a ranked match and someone taunts, it has some meaning.

I don’t think any more or less of a person for taunting, I just see the act of it as saying “I’m not taking this seriously, go ahead and win the match.” Even if they have a huge life advantage, they let their guard down so much to taunt it’s practically a forfeit.

I normally pause when someone taunts me. Honestly, I’ve found that players tend to taunt when more when they’re losing.

Can’t say I let taunt affect my game at all. If anything, I’m lolling that they’re letting me get up for free. Some taunts are pretty funny though like Dan’s.

If I’m the one taunting though, usually it’s a casual match against a friend or sometimes I taunt online to let my opponent know I’m back from afk.

I usually only taunt whenever both sides are turtling, because it usually does provoke aggressiveness. Also, Adon’s taunt 9 dodges projectiles if you feel like that’s more effective than some other ways. (I know some other characters that I don’t play have some that dodge, like Dhalsim, not sure of the rest.)

It definitely doesn’t affect me, i’ve grown accustomed to trash talk.

One of Fei Long’s taunts can dodge projectiles too. The one where he lies down like he’s bored.

Also I don’t even consider taunting as trash talk. It’s an animation in a video game. How can you possibly get mad over that lol. But I guess some people are offended easily I suppose.

I call BS. So you are telling me none of you lose your cool when you get taunted? You guys must be on some herbal shit lol, seriously. It’s like a slap in the face. It’s almost like pity… god I cant stand it.

when I taunt its usually safe so I lift my hands to mimic El Fuerte…I wouldn’t do that in a tournament or anything because I’d want to be more respectful and not want to hit someone in the jaw, but nobody can see me so I do it.

Sometimes when its an intense match I forget to taunt though.

LOL, look at the ragequitters thread and you’ll notice that some people get REALLY salty over taunts…

I personally don’t really care too much. If I’m getting completely raped I’ll ocassionally throw out a taunt to let the opponent know I’m taking the beating in good humour.

I also taunt when I’m the one doing the raping… I find it funny. If it then leads to me losing (which it sometimes does) I find it even more funny, and usually msg the guy laughing at myself, saying gg’s whatever.

Taunting should always be done with humour, and similarly it should be taken with humour.

It’s really nothing to get annoyed about. I taunt people sometimes and you can literally see tha anger haha, they come rushing towards you all aggressive and just leave themselves open to more punishment.

Tis silly really.

I don’t taunt. I prefer to stand still and just counter everything my opponent does. Either by simply neutral jumping projectiles, or just backstepping a little bit their jump-in attacks. And beating them up with simple c.fierces, and whatnot. Just standing still, not doing much. No back and forth, no nothing. Just yawning, basically.

I’ve had guys quit mid-game because of that. Try it.

I only taunt after someones does a random ultra, and I avoid it or block it. I don’t even punish. I just taunt. Or when they fail to punish me after some obvious shit… That’s taunt-deserving too.

Taunts applied correctly can be awesome, but most people are just looking for reactions so they pick lame taunts.

Example: Dan’s buttslap taunt-cancelled into an uppercut is one of the funniest things ever, not to mention the one where Abel is looking at his hands (cancel that into a Wheel Kick for maximum awesome)

So even if you’re getting severely outplayed in serious fight and get taunted after a knockdown it dosen’t affect you guys?

Just putting it out there.

I taunt a lot… tends to throw people off balance, depending on the character it either pisses them off or puts them on the defensive… it’s also fun to do.

Fuertte’s taunt 1 with his second costume is the best =/

I mostly see people taunt when I’m kicking their butt and they just want to have some fun. One time though this guy was trashing me and he taunted. I didnt punish the taunt but I did come back to take the next two rounds. Felt pretty good inside. I wish that taunting did something to help you though like in 3S.

Yeah bro. Video games are srs bsns.

i taunt when my finger accidently clips the hk button as im hitting the hp button :frowning:

haha wow

seriously though taunts are just in game actions, I get more of a reaction from a sweep than I do a taunt.

taunts to get to me to an extent, but their effect is mostly positive. i get angry when people taunt, but it usually just makes me focus and play a lot better. it has caused some awesome upsets. then i usually just send a message that says “nice taunt lol.”

i usually only taunt when i do the sakura bow, or if they taunt first and i get the chance to return the favor. on very rare occasion if they play reallllly lame and have a lotta BP and im in a bad mood i will taunt just because they suck.