Are you able to multitask when you masturbate?

I’ve noticed I naturally multitask when I masturbate, like, i’ll read srk, sell/buy stocks, eat food, pay bills and watch t.v. all at the same time

Can anyone else do this? Or am I alone?

I’m sad that your other topic is gone

No, masturbation consumes all my strength and both my hands, just like urination.

me too :frowning:

waiting on female posters like SniperOwl and Qrazy to answer this

Yes but I try not to.

hmmmmm… let’s see. nope, this message took me wayy too long to type

Yeah, I usually get down to business while on the phone with family and friends.

I used to play online poker while doing the deed. I’ve actually won a few tournaments midjerk.
Let’s just say the celebrations were satisfying indeed. I popped the champagne as it were.

No joke, I’ve jerked while on the phone with the wife of a certain person I know.

That’s it for the multi-tasking though. For a quality “session”, I prefer to concentrate 100% on the task at hand, so to speak.

*On that note—Isn’t the internet such a great thing? No matter what you’re into…there’s TONS of pictures/video of it out there, just waiting for you to download it. In terms of general entertainment, the internet is mankind’s greatest achievement.

I can click to go to the next page and flick water at my cat so it will stop rubbing up against my leg.

trying not to get caught is fucking multi-tasking alright. adjusting the volume accordingly, leaving objects that’s on the floor or hanging off a table, any sound/noise that will alert you from a distant. need to have radar like super hearing.

So I’m gonna assume you fap left handed, unless you’re one of those weird ass people who uses the mouse with your left hand

I’ve done something like that to fap before. But yeah I don’t multitask with the fap.

If I start looking around the room I usually lose interest.

I believe if you can coherently type in the search bars for more porn while jerking then you can multi-task while masturbating. Having said that, I am a master at the old search n’ jerk technique. All it takes is motivation.

Im doing it right now.


Son, I’ve been online since '95. I can masturbate while doing virtually anything. But I’d never make a thread about my self-sexual prowess.

That said, you are a pervert.


I just completed Diago’s evo moment #37 in OE one handed whilst masturbating.