Are you comfy in your skin?


Time to end the argument, once and for all?


White man checking in with obligatory yes vote. :coffee:


I’d be more comfy in your skin. It’s not fair, you hoggin all that skin. Give me some, you greedy mofo. :mad:


@Valaris please close this thread it should be counted as spam since Fat Ross is clearly recruiting for his next gay orgy:


Sure nigga


h because reasons.


The real question is: Is Beta?

He seems real insecurr.


No “dinosaurs” option?

Poll fails.


My skin is smooth and healthy

Body butter and salt scrubs. Go to your local asian spa and get scraped up.


Not happy until I look like this.




Got rid of my foreskin a long time ago, homie. Have to tell you, it feels great. Definitely colder though.


not until i look like this

but overall, yes


You have neither the genetics nor the insanity to cycle like that

Fuck man, dbol and winstrol


Well, it mostly fits, but I can’t close my eyes properly.


Currently talking to a girl that works at a HRT clinic. Might wife her for some free test or something


Today I consider myself an entire new race. If people don’t agree, I will gather people and start a March. Get companies in trouble for not having an “Other” option and teachers fired for not addressing me properly.


not really, everyone hates white men


wrong thread


Im with H on this one :coffee: