Are you going to continue with HD Remix when SFIV is released?

I’m curious to see what everyone is planning to do once SFIV is released. They are two totally different games, so i’m definitely going to be playing both simultaneously.

Nope. I don’t like HD Remix.

Yes, I’m still going to be playing this.

I love Remix!! I’m definitely going to be still playing it. I’m gonna try SFIV, but I gotta feeling I’m gonna dislike it.

I will probably play both at the same time.

I’ll be playing both

I plan to, but it does depend on the if and when patch. Also depends on the tournament scene, if ST is picked over it, well, back to GGPO.

I already went back to ST and GGPO.

I probably will. I’ll most likely play Street Fighter IV more though.

Online…I’m done. Until it’s patched…I’m done. Offline…I’ll play it in tournaments. That’s it. Otherwise count me done.

I’ll pretty much be done once SF4 comes out. STHD is just for now. I’ll probably come back and play it here and there though.

I’ll still be in. SFIV fucked up Fei too from what I hear. Sigh Can he ever feel like a complete character?

My Fei bitching aside, I think Sirlin did an overall great job, and it would sadden me if this game fell by the way side. As long as there is a patch for the walk forward glitch/akuma unblockable I think HDR has a really bright future.

Capcom secretly hates Bruce Lee fans.

I’ll play both simultaneously

HD Remix rekindled my interest in fighters (last time i played was i think when EX3 released when i was in middle school)

last time I checked SFIV didn’t have T. Hawk.

Doubtful. Honestly, I don’t really like the SF2 series anymore(maybe 'cause I suck at it) and prefer the alphas. Only picked STHD up to pass the time when I’m bored. SF4 looks somewhat interesting. Hopefully it will have good online, like STHD.

what this man said, im done until campcom fix HD REMIX.

It’s a tough choice. I hold both in high interest, but what will really do it for me is the online experience. If Street Fighter IV’s online proves to be much more stable, less glitchy, and better overall than the state that HD Remix is in, I just might shift over to SFIV for awhile until HD Remix gets itself patched up and running better.

Gameplay mechanics and balance will definitely be a big factor for me as well since SFIV will have a lot more characters, but in the end, it’s still the online that will make the final decision for me. If it so happens that the online for both of them suck just as bad, then well… I guess I’ll probably switch over to SFIV anyway just because it’s something different.

Without any patches and bug fixes no, it’s back to ggpo ST for me and SFIV.

Prob not. Game is trash. To glitchy and buggy. ST on ggpo and SF4 360.