Are you going to EVO 2010 just to be a spectator?

i did plan on joining the tourny since im already making a trip to Las Vegas so why the hek not, its Vegas isnt it? but from getting the shit beat out of me online, im having second thoughts before i make a fool of myself. so i might just sit back and watch…


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Not sure if serious…

Lots of people go and get the shit beaten out of them. Don’t worry about it.

It’s all part of the learning process.

I’m awful, SSF4 is my first fighting game. I’m going to EVO this year cause I LOVE this game.
I was thinking the same as you, that I don’t want my ass kicked, but I’m making a long trip there, so what’s sixty bucks to take part in the experience, might as well.

Dude, I’m not even the best in my zip code, and I’m still going to EVO.

Look at it this way: even if you go 2 and out, you’re still in Vegas!

true dat. i felt the same. im going to a convention to have fun, if i lose…i lose. you still on vacation though LOL.

i’m sure i’ll go two and out. who cares. it’s a learning experience. just to be able to say you were a part of the biggest tourney in the US is reason enough.

I went two and out last year in sf4.

Had a great time.

Over 2000 players this year, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a first major for a number of them(myself included). A lot of people are in the same boat. If you’re goona goto Evo, you may as well compete. If things don’t work out in the tourney, see you at the hold’em tables.


I’m going as just a spectator and plan to bring some buddies to show them some awesomeness on finals day.

^inkblot, lol

I say go for it! I’m staying with family for the weekend (Saving hundreds for me and my friends), and originally I was just going to watch. I consider myself a pretty good player but nowhere near the best in the world… but why not give it a shot? So I did. :smiley:

I encourage anyone who’s just -thinking- about entering to do it, it’s experience, it’s fun, and who knows? You might do better than you think!

Hopefully I see you there!

honestly everyone is right just go for’s gonna be fun as shit and even if you don’t place, there is a free play section just for casuals.I can’t fucking wait for it.I’m going to go compete and I think I may do well…hopefully.if not? it’s the freeplay section all day-y-yay.

haha. good luck ray. i just entered and prob will go 2-n-out. i wonder whats the rules of blowing big blunts in the vicinity.

I haven’t played SSFIV in about 45 days. New job and shit. I’m going to get the shit beat out of me by some scrubs. 2 and out for life.

There’s a surefire way to win at least one set at EVO. Pick Ryu, and then drink three Red Bulls. You’ll be unstoppable for a short amount of time. Use this strategy wisely.

I’m probably going as a spectator. I’m going to Vegas this weekend anyway and EVO conveniently fell on the same date.