Are you happy or pissed off by Capcom's handling of Ultra?


What it says on the tin.


Listen I understand covering all your bases, but

Happy about how Ultra is shaping up, will drop the game.
Not pleased with how Ultra is shaping up, will continue to play or pick the game up.

Make absolutely no sense.


I’m still having doubts about stuff, but I’ll play.


You could call it an option for those on the fine line between the hypocrites and the honest folk. Or those that just keep playing because it’s SF4 and everyone moves there, so they don’t wanna feel left out.

The first option, however, is hillariously insane; “The ultimate super-version is here! So hyped! Evo will be nuts! …meh, I’ll go buy Injustice.


Well, someone could dislike SF4 and agree that Ultra is a big improvement but not enough :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t expect it to get many votes for some reason tho XD


Don’t really care.
Community needs to leave their houses more.
Either buy the game or don’t.


I’m disappointed (not a new thing when it comes to Capcom decisions.) I guess I’m willing to burn the 15$ for the DLC, but if the 360 stops reading my SSFIV disc (the middle has been deteriorating for a while now) I might stop playing.


No, it’s being quite realistic.

People are gonna boycott Ultra and then magically show up on XBL a week later. People are gonna say Ultra is the greatest thing since sliced bread and then not play it.

People are gonna talk smack on streamchat and then not show up. :smiley:


I’m a little disappointed. On the outset the news of a new version scared me since it meant messing with the current balance (while currently its quite good, I think the faults of the B tier characters would really start showing in the next couple of years). Truth is that they could do more harm than good and, reading some of the changes, it seems they may have done that. The distribution of buffs/nerfs makes little sense.

Hopefully it all ends up in a net positive. All these changes plus 5 new characters leaves a lot of room for error.


I`ll play because of Rolento, but if I feel like the game just isn’t very good anymore I will drop it. I already cut down on playing it from almost every day, to 2 days a week at the absolute maximum. I usually only jump on for a few hours every couple of weeks when I have literally nothing else to do.


DWU piss me off, i dont really care that much about any other thing


Why would people drop the game before they even get a chance to play it properly?

Drama queens.


Cause it isn’t a free update. Don’t get me wrong, the work they did requires that fans should have to pay. However if you’ve lost interest in the game in general, and nothing in Ultra really thrills you, that 15 bucks could go to better use somewhere else.


It’s not even the changes that bother me I fee like the release of Ultra and everything was just handled poorly. The extremely long wait for the fifth character was dumb, the new stages and characters are all sfxt stuff. We don’t even have an official release date for consoles yet too and the physical copy comes out later than the digital too. I wanted all the costumes and now I have to spend more money, that is if I still feel like wasting extra money for it after already buying the game.


I’ll probably end up playing it because both of my roommates are buying it, but I’m steadily losing interest. Most of the good characters (in any version of SF4) are pretty garbage now, and are only “good” because they’re in a roster full of pretty garbage characters. It’s not fun.

I think I would have stayed interested if they had made a proper balance patch of buffs to 75% of the roster. Sako is right, this is going to be a game full of time outs because the damage is too low and the pace of the game is too slow. Instead of fixing vortex by making it less or at best equally desirable to other strategies, they overreacted with delayed wakeup, which interferes with other game mechanics just as much as it interferes with vortex. What they should have done was improve walk speed for characters, improve damage for moves not associated with wakeup pressure, and in general give more options to characters.

That’s what I expected out of an update supposedly put together for “core community”, or whatever Capcom is calling it, the people that still play this game. We’re not mostly picking vortex because it’s bad, we’re picking it because everything else is bad.


Where is the “Too many choices in this poll, won’t answer the poll” option?

I’m just happy Capcom bothered making it at all.


besides the Yun changes, and those damn buffs to my demon character Balrog, im pretty happy. They will still be taking suggestion for the console version i heard, when it comes to modes, ect.


Meh. Nothing really change for my character,nothing game changing was put in this version of SF4,but I am looking forward to seeing how Elena shape up to be.


New contents, new options, happy
I like new characters even if i’m not going to use them as my mains, i’m really curious to experiment new exRFA combo options

And before be mad at them because i’m not 100% satisfied with the amount of new stuff, i blame first the audience that is too much afraid of changes and desperately want keep characters the same (except buffed, stronger, better, higher tierz, no bad matchup please)


Happy with my character. Might try some of the new characters although I’m not too excited about dealing with more matchups or DWU. I really hope the 3v3 mode got tweaked to be more like KOF (meter carries over to next round) and is playable for 2 player offline, but I doubt it.