Are you happy with your TE Fightstick?

Still waiting for my Amazon TE order for 2 PS3 Fightsticks but am seriously considering cancelling them for 2 custom Arcade in a Box sticks mainly because of the Madcatz 90 day warranty and some quality control issues. Been reading the boards but would like to get a better idea from those who already own their TE sticks. thanks…

i don’t know what to do as far as sticks now… I will order a custom more then likely because those mad catz scare the shit out of me for 200 dollars w/bad quality control.

Even though MadCatz is known for crap products, you do have a 90-day warranty, and if it breaks after that its not the end of the world. It can be repaired.

I agree, there really isn’t anything to be afraid. Worst case, you can still sell it easily.

Got 2 PS3 TEs last Friday and didn’t open one of them until yesterday after reading about some of the issues others were having. Both mint, perfect, no scratches or stripped screws and all the controls work. No sticky buttons, no left right up or down issues (except turbo).

Like others have already posted I believe we’re seeing the same people complaining about their sticks multiple times and those that aren’t having issues are happy and no longer care to post as it has lived up to the positive reviews prior to release.

true about the 90 warranty. but my main concern is longevity. price and waiting is not a problem for me. i used to own 2 arcade sticks when SF2 came out for the SNES. I still have those sticks and to this day they still work flawlessly…of course with any product, there can be a few bad batches…i haven’t heard one neg. comment on the AIAB sticks yet…i’ll keep this poll going for about 90 days…thanks and much appreciation for your feedback by the way.

I dont see why its a big concern. As I mentioned if it dies after 90 days, you can fix it. Its not like its just going to become a pretty paper weight. Even if it’s circuity stuff, anything can be fixed.