Are you keeping Cammy as your main in SSF4?

Saw this on another character’s forum and thought we needed one of our own :]
How many of you are planning on sticking with our military girl and how many are gonna be switching once the game comes out?

Cammy forever for me. Might make Juri an alt though if she plays to my liking.

i dunno i might go back to ryu to see what new with him. Then I’ll probably try out some new characters and if none of them really catch my eye i’ll probably go back to cammy as main or at least alternate.

I won’t know until the game comes out and I’ve tried her out for awhile, but I’ll definitely be using her the most at the beginning, at least.

I’ll still be playing Ms. White. After all the hardwork I put into her learning her, there’s no way I’m going to be dropping her.

She will have to share some time with T.Hawk though, just like in ST and HDR.

Cammy and Ryu, my best fighters, I do enjoy playing with them.

Cammy all the way! :rock:

unless they totally change her gameplay , ya stick with cammy all the life^^


I’m not going anywhere

I wanna branch out for SSF4. Will try Juri, Makoto, and Adon if the rumors prove true. Cammy will like still be my main unless she gets no buffs and ends up being F tier -_-

I’m hoping she gets the appropriate tweaks and buffs, but ssfiv is adding new characters, and I’m interested in tooling around with t.hawk and juri (plus guy and makoto if the rumors are true.). Also, my list of viable alts have grown with chun li and blanka. She is still my main and best QCF character, but my success rate seems higher with my alternate charge characters. We’ll see

I will continue my love of Cammy in SSF4 but I will also pick up my old favorite P.HAWK (I hope they give him the pink color option as in super turbo or HD remix).

P.Hawk might be a supped up version of Cammy with SF4 game mechanics. Imaging P.Hawk DP FADC into 360 yes!!! Instant P.Hawk Dive (I hope it can be used that way), high stamina, good normals and insane jabs! (yes, jabs in SF4 is GDLK).

Win or lose, I’m going to continue looking good while doing it.
crosses fingers for hooligan combo on crouching jerks

Will stick with Cammy in Super regardless of which characters they add or what they do to her.

i will always use cammy, but deejay looks promising so far and who knows what other characters they will announce. honestly, it’s too early to make a final decision on this.

I put Cammy on the backburner for now mainly because she can’t be used at the arcade (Chun can though). Fortunately, if Super SF4 makes it to the arcade (here’s to hoping!), she’ll be an arcade character which would be condition 1 to stay with her. Condition 2 is that she gets improved (and definitely not nerfed).

I’m still holding out that they’ll actually fix Guile. If he can get back to close to where his SF2 status was (doesn’t need to be god tier haha…just not his low tier he has now…) he’ll take over the main spot (Back to the roots!), but an improved Cammy will be my backup in that situation. If she’s not improved she’ll most likely end up being my third choice behind Guile (if improved) and Chun (if she doesn’t get worse).

100% I’ll stick with Cammy.

My biggest fear for SSFIV, to be perfectly honest, is that Cammy will be TOO GOOD and then everyone will use her. I honest-to-God hope that they don’t buff her up too much. Cammy needs a bunch of VERY SUBTLE tweaks and she’ll be rock solid. She doesn’t need any particular huge change, IMO.

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Defiantly gonna stick with Cammy, but Juri’s looking mighty…interesting xD I mean come on, its a TKD fighter in SF! and shes bad! hell yeah lol

For some reason I still don’t think she would be picked all that much even if she made it into top tier. I mean she was really good in CvS2 and MvC2 but you still didn’t see a whole lot of her.
At least I don’t think a lot of people pick her… I only play MvC2 online and you don’t see her very often there. I never played CvS2 against anyone other than the CPU on my PS2 so I’m not sure about that one lol

For sure I’m keeping Cammy as my main - TKCS rushdown is the most fun I have in SF4, heh. I’ll definitely mess with the new chars in the hopes of finding new secondaries though… since currently I only have my scrub Ryu to fall back on. =/ Got my eye on Makoto mainly. :wink: