Are you keeping Cammy as your main in SSF4?



As far as MvC2 most of the reason you didn’t see much of her is the fact there were a good chunk of chars that were much much stronger than her, in the case of a couple extremely easy to cheese with as well. CvS2 I used Cammy all the time being able to SA under every fireball except Sagat’s low was sweet, hard to tell how much she was used in the game overall though, it hasn’t made it to xbl or psn for online play.

As for SSF4, Cammy will still be my main unless they completely ruin her to the point of unplayable. Will likely be picking up a new secondary or two though.


I <3 Cammy :lovin: I might fool around with Deejay, that machine gun uppercut would look pretty cool buy Cammy all the way


In SSF4, I have to go back and find out if they made Guile any better first. Then Cammy will get a test drive. And Ken too.

Then I’ll look into Dee Jay who looks like a great fit for the system (judging from 5 seconds of gameplay) and Makoto (went back to see 3S vids of J - holy snap, she’s awesome).




Can’t say I’m not curious about messing around with Juri. Spending so much time trying to get good with Cammy SSF4 has me really excited to use her on all the new people :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll let my avatar and sig do the talking.


I feel it’s my duty to tell you that your avatar cannot talk.


I know what I heard!


I LOL’ed. :lol:


I’ll definitely be sticking with Cammy, though Gouken may(technically speaking) be my main, playing with her has greatly improved my ability to play with him, to the point she’s coming dangerously close to fully usurping him XD

Ofcourse the new characters will get some trying out(making me feel even more guilty about abandoning Chun who stuck with me through 2, VS and Alpha 3 :frowning: ) and maybe a second alt character, but I don’t ever see myself dropping the Blonde Arrow completely :smiley:

Also a hello there, I’m new to SRK after getting a link to it from the Prima book :slight_smile:


I’m really hoping the Makoto and Ibuki rumors are true so I can give them some quality time, but unless there’s some unknown character that ends up being a surprising new fave, Cammy will stay my main.


I’m stickin with Cammy. I’ll give Juri a try though…and Ibuki if she makes it in.


Cammy will stay my main regardless of changes. If CAPCOM adds Guy I will consider him as alt, and maybe Guile, but only if they fix him.


Hi, welcome to SRK :] Always good to have another Cammy user around.


Yep cammy and juri is all i need :slight_smile:


Unless I don’t see the normal move buffs I really think she needs, I’m afraid she’ll remain my ex-main-and-now-alt character. I wont’ ever stop using her because her TKCS antics and fadc combos are too much fun, but she won’t be say…my tournament character unless changes are made.

I’m very interested in Juri as well. I feel Juri seems to be a natural character to use/like for Cammy players. I’ve always liked pixie-type characters who whip out large-hitting combos.


Hi Thand!! :party:


Hmm with Juri my main question is gonna be is she fast, then it moves onto what her moveset is like. I prefer quick chars really.


Well IF ssf4 comes to PC i might get a stick by then. So then i will be able to…make sense of vega :stuck_out_tongue: Then i can make “team good looking”.

But i don’t see myself giving cammy up. I like her way of playing over all other chars. Tried with abel since he’s also rush but i’m not good with him.

If i take some new/second main it could be that 2nd new char if it’s rush down. Otherwise somebody from apha… who’s rush down there ? (i liked Sodom cause of his slides, but only played on gameboy so i have no clue what his style is in comeptition)

Juri is to fragile & evil. going down a stamina level would be sensitive to me.


Rokubear, you’re still a traitor. Using Guile… >:-(

I’ll continue to use Cammy. I’m going to pick up an alt though in Super. I’m going to pick someone who does fairly well against Cammy’s bad matchups (Honda, Gief). Maybe learn Ibuki too.