Are You Okay? SRK Mental Health Thread

I got diagnosed with adult ADHD. What now? Anybody else dealing with this?

I do. Are you going to take medication?

Yeah just got a prescription for Biphentin.

What is the cause of your ADHD? How much are you paying for those pills?

I have no idea why the cause is lol. Just know that I am a sketchbag and wouldn’t mind fixing that.

Literally just got the scrip so no idea what it costs yet

What does this mean? What exactly can’t you do if you have adult ADHD?

I suggest you investigate the cause, instead of popping pills which you will have to take for the rest of your life. It might be a simple as adjusting your diet :tup:

Try this.

I have it since i was a kid :confused:

Yeah this isn’t something that my diet will fix. It’s to do with how my brain functions, and I inherited it through genes. Others in my family have had it and dealt with it via meds.

Eating pasta isn’t why I can’t sit still or shut the fuck up at times. My sister is a psychologist and was the one who demanded I go get medicated.

I had it as a kid but didn’t ever get medicated.

What are your symptoms and how do u deal with it? I medicated, how has it helped, and what about side effects?

Well, since i was little i always had problem to keep focused on a task, if i deemed it too boring or not interesting i simply started spacing out on imaginary land :looney:
I had some treatments here and there but for the major part i was taught how to keep the focus, i used to isolate myself through the music so i only had stimuli from what i was listening and the task i was doing. Another thing is that the my ADHD is compensated with my OCD (You can’t imagine how annoying is to have both of them, is like having both the break and the gas pushed), so far the only symptoms that i display in adulthood are hyperfocus, tendency to procrastinate (which sometimes leads to underestimae the time it will take to finish a task :/), i also tend to interrupt others, specially if i feel that they are wrong or their points lead to nowhere and that i haver huge problems to fall sleep.

As for side effects, it depends of the medication, the most common one was being a little sleepy, besides of that you notice how easy becomes to keep focused on the tasks you are doing.

My mind gets really sharp and focused when I lift heavy weights. Try this.

I worked out all the time when I was younger and didn’t smoke. It didn’t help.

ADHD isn’t something you can just avoid by trying to avoid it. I literally can’t just sit there and do nothing. In conversations, I am an absolute pain in the fucking ass. Not to mention I hate even listening to anybody else talk.

I define heavy as anything above 315 lbs. Anything below doesn’t give me a mental “push”.

As in benching 315 right? xD.

I have a lot of symptoms similar to what Hecatom described, and have thought at certain points of my life that I may have ADHD but I’ve never got actually checked up on it.

I lose focus on anything that I’m not OCD about (Piano and SF are what I’m OCD about) and generally can’t be bothered to converse with people in real life because I’m always correcting them or insulting them when they complain about different aspects of life.

I also can’t focus in school because nothing interests me other than music and history, and take anywhere from a half hour to two hours at night to fall asleep.

Whether or not these are actual symptoms of ADHD I don’t know shrug

weed > pills

that’s my professional medical opinion*

*not a medical professional

oddly enough, weed cures me right the fuck up, and it’s why I am an advocate. But at work and on dates, it’s kinda frowned upon.

thought you might find this interesting, Furious One

Damn…that sounds like one of my little cousins. This 10 year old will not sit down EVER when his mom drops him off at my uncle’s place (where I stay when I go to Quincy). If he isn’t playing a ps3 game with me while standing and hopping all over the place repeating random rap choruses, he’s constantly wandering from the same 3 rooms. For 6 HOURS. He’s everywhere: he’s in your suitcase, pulling stuff out and randomly asking if he can keep something he found in there, he’s opening closet doors and pulling out clothes like Christmas is right around the corner and he suspects there are gifts. If you haven’t seen him for like 3 minutes, WORRY. He’s doing something. I went to the den in the back and found he’d stacked an old vcr, a dvd player, the comcast cable receiver, a toolbox, and was about to put one of my 17-year-old cousin’s soccer trophies on top of this lopsided, Jenga-ass tower. This same kid earlier last year opened up said cousin’s $350 laptop, turned it on, set it on the floor, then jumped from a recliner onto the screen, trying to “go into The Matrix”. When he speaks, he often has to gasp a breath because he just keeps talking (babbling, really) and seems to forget to breathe. I joke around and tell him “Dude, take your meds”…but his ass might really NEED some…

I think I have ADHD or OCD or something. I feel compelled to do things such as make things even or have overwhelming thought about something. Meth fixed it for a while, and I realized that didn’t do much else for me… The best thing I realized is that things you do or think or dwell on don’t really matter and to just ignore it.

The more you do it the easier it becomes. You basically just have to train your brain to let go and get over things out of your control.

Hope that helps.