Are you okay to bring back character's unique traits? (e.g. Iceman: zero block damage)


Any ideas of character’s unique traits? (e.g. Iceman: zero block damage)

Are you okay with unique traits for individual characters? If no then why?

What are your ideas?

Here’s mine:

Spidey: Spider-Senses = Auto blocking when Spidey’s got more than 30% health
Wolvie: Healing Factor = Takes 100% Red Health instead of 50%
Cap: Vibranium Shield = Blocking takes 0 damage
Ryu: Mind’s Eye = Works like “Just Defend” without the life recover stuff
Chun: Normal attacks fills super gauge even without contact


I’m down with it.

Sigma = Automatically deducts $8.99 from your PSN wallet.


Iceman took chip. Just not from beams.

From what I’ve seen in yesterdays video, Hulk’s normals do chip damage.

I’d be down with more unique stuff.


Ironman: Armor energy absorb = blocked laser and projectiles damage fill your super meter quickly
Hulk: Rage = unblocked attacks fill your super meter quickly


Cap: takes no chip damage until cap loses his shield


Only if X can charge meter by charging up a buster shot.


Changing Ryu’s unique ability to a more like passive skill like activation the others.

Ryu: Mind’s Eye = Every Advancing Guard absorbs the 50% of the damage to fill the super gauge.
Thor: Asgardian Physiology = Regenerates health twice the speed among others.
Doom: Solar Energy Absorption = Tagging in Doom increases super gauge by 30% of one bar.
Chris: Reload = Tagging out Chris regenerates bullets or increases super gauge by 20% of one bar.
Magneto: Force Shield = Tagging in Magneto activates a 3 hit force shield for projectile and laser
Cyber Akuma/Akuma: SNH = Specials charge super gauge even without contact
Thanos: Energy Manipulation = A successfull hit super and special moves charge Gem Gauge


Spider-man: Spider sense [Super armor++ He completely dodges the first hit. However when he dodges he’s in a 3 frame stun and moves backwards and his invincibility frames last for 5 frames and the cool down before spider sense can work again is 7 frames after his 5 iframes. So… if you jab him with a 7 frame jab he moves back out of some characters range but isn’t able to retaliate cause he’s at disadvantage. But, if they set up with a projectile or cancel with a dash and attack again they can hit him. Basically it would make him like the comics where rarely does anyone get the jump on spider-man and they usually only hit him cause they gave a set up that’s unavoidable]

Healing factor: Wolverine and Deadpool will recover health faster than other when not in play and at a very slow rate when in play [about 1/3 the rate a normal character heals while out of play, but only red health].

Vibranium adamantium alloy: Caps shield prevents chip damage unless they have super strength, which dishes out more chip damage

Super Strength: Hulk, Thanos, Ironman, Spider-man, and basically everyone who has super strength as a power dishes out more chip damage than normal and can also chip Captain america when he blocks.

energy force field: Ironman and other characters can nullify energy based attacks when blocking and take no chip, like in MvC2 with ironman, iceman, and war machine. But physical attacks still chip and they do MORE chip than normal.

Sigma Virus: adds a poison effect to Tech based fighters like X, Ironman, etc. that either weakens their attack or does damage over time.

Lack of faith: Fighters like Ironman, X, and most tech based fighters of scientific minds don’t believe in magic and thus magic based attacks deal less damage to them.

Non stick coat: Iron man and others have a non stick coating that makes things like Web ball not hold them down as long


Hulk: Rage the lower hulks health is the madder he is and the more damage he dishes out.


X: Infinite Potential
Any projectile hit onto enemy significantly reduces recovery frames of current attack/ projectile shoot animation. This will allow X to pull off insane combos.
This however has a limit of 4 projectile moves doing this frame reduction in one combo. (So much for infinite)


No, I would not.
But it would be cool if Ryu or Fou-lu made it and their dragon tranformations drained meter like if it was AP instead of having a timer.


Chris: Reload = Tagging out after an interval of 5 seconds Chris regenerates bullets.
Magneto: Force Shield = Tagging in Magneto after an interval of 15 seconds activates a 10 hit force field that absorbs projectile, laser and does zero block damage.
Doom: Solar Energy Absorption = Tagging in Doom after an interval of 10 seconds increases super gauge by 30% of one bar.
Strider: Charge Cyper = Chargeable slash that can also repel projectile attacks
Venom: Symbiote = Neutral Guard is activated if standing and crouching still and no recent button press
Spider-man Spider Senses = Auto Guard when life is greater than 30%


While I’m fine with unique character properties/abilities, some of these suggestions are just whack.


I like the Spidey one. Chun is unfair though, normal attacks fill super bars even if you are far away?


Whiff normals filling meter is a common thing in some Street Fighter games.


storm should get this too, for old time’s sake.


Everyone should get this.


Not really should be for storm nowadays, in fact the Ironman in MVCi have been changed according to the latest info.

That’s why I don’t think that it should be for Storm, I put it into Chun li because of that being flavorful for her characteristic and fighting style that is about more into physical.

Storm should be something fancy. That is about her mutant abilities to makr her flavorful.

Fast meter gauge building should come from those that have those abilities.


This idea would be impossible,since the game has already being designed.


probably but we are hearing news lately a month a ago about captain america