Are you okay with giants in MvC3?

I for one would love to see a giant sentinel but others may not. so i’m curious would the mvc2 community be okay with giants in mvc3?

p.s. i can’t believe marvel vs capcom 3 info came out on 4 20… :rofl:

I want for capcom side is [media=youtube]kXhp567M56E"]**G-13 EX Zero Gouki[/B[/media] a Gundam like Gouki. That came from Cyberbots same game were Jin Saotome was took!

I would actually prefer if they did not include any giants. I just think they look silly in comparison to to other characters.

Viewtiful Joes robot would be cool.

Only image I could find of it

you mean like Blackheart, Juggernaut, Sentinel?

there were only a handful of em in MvC2 but i welcome their return. it wouldn’t be Marvel without em


I wouldn’t mind giants, since it would mean that Hank Pym might finally have a chance to get into one of these games. Of course the obvious alternative to him would be the Sentinel. Juggernaut and Blackheart though wouldn’t really be giants in the TvC sense though, but rather just big characters.

I feel exactly the same way. While, I have no idea how the game will play, but it feels like something that doesn’t suit Marvel. Plus they seem a little useless in TvC

Blackheart, Giant Robot Lost Planet Robot Thing that was in Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Sentinel, Viewtiful Joe 6 Majin, a RE El Gigante :stuck_out_tongue: I probably wouldn’t use them, but in extravagant crossover games I’d like as many characters as possible. :smiley: It makes things more fun and let’s you branch out and try more things before settling on mains.

we already have a giants poll/thread, and its also found on the first page

Very much this. For crying out loud…