Are you planning on having children?

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I think if I haven’t died from a tumor, or heart attack, or a wildcat maul. Ill might have some when I get handsomely money stable, and can afford to put them through homeschooling. Hopefully I dont fuck up my children’s heads at a young age. Because if I ever do I plan on telling them the cold, harsh facts of reality before puberty hits them. Kinda like this:


I think in the long run they’ll turn out better…maybe.

Anytime I think about people waiting until X conditions are met before having children, I think of the movie Idiocracy.

No i don’t plan on having kids.

I hate kids so I won’t be having any.

Ehhh… nope.

I have shit genes, so no.

I have enough problems taking care of myself.

fuck kids.

Almost all men say no to kids. Seriously. Then you get with a special girl and:

  1. You guys have a kid on accident
  2. She wants kids and you know you’re not going to find another girl as good as her
    3)…or you’re too old to hunt down another girl

i used to want kids but then i decided i would rather adopt

why bring another child into this world when another needs you more

Thats why you get snipped Maverick.

fuck no. the next thing you’ll be doing is paying child support the next 18 years. fuck marrying too.

To answer that question, I’m not really sure if I want them anymore or not, but I’m quite afraid at this present writing time that that decision may have been decided for me…

When i’m able to afford them. It’s fucked up having a child when your not financially ready.

When I find real`cool strong female to settle down with. Dont wana have a child with a uptight, snobby, weak bitch.

Besides all that, yea when im on my death bed or whatever…it’ll be a good feeling to know i left behind someone who i was apart of making / someone who’s theoretically apart of me still on this world.

200 years ago this idea of not wanting kids was unheard of

when you city slickers claim u don’t want kids you’re either lying or don’t see the long term benefits. kids minus your sleep and money but they are useful to level up and can keep you out of nursing homes.

Can’t see myself having any kids anytime in the forseeable future, really. I like children. But I know that I am not the kind of girl who should raise a child. I’m not domestic at all, I’m irresponsible, aromantic and not particularly keen on finding a long-term partner, and just probably not a good example overall. I suppose I don’t do anything deviant or criminal, but I think the closest I’d ever come would be teaching kids.

So… yeah, it’s not in my plans. Oops.

Adopting has crossed my mind as a variable. Its hard taking care of a kid under these conditions.

Did you ever stop to think that this world is overpopulated?

I have two, both were planned :tup:

I’ve always wanted kids, I like teaching them and watching them discover. Kids aren’t the headache everyone thinks them to be. Yeah things change financially with them, you have to be more responsible, but at some point in your life you have to adopt some sort of financial responsibility in your life anyway.

There are a lot of shitty ones out there though and I suspect that an encounter with said kids would be enough to change someone’s opinion on having kids. They way they act and grow up is reflective on your performance as a parent. I don’t think snobby, selfish, or ignorant people are simply born that way.

No. I don’t even see the appeal. I usually try and find out if a person has a kid before I even open up to talking to them about dating. We can be friends but they are automatically deemed " Not Available" in m eyes. I don’t care if it gets harder to find someone without kids as I get older. I would honestly rather be alone than deal with that.