Are you ready for Tekken 6?!

Who’s ready for Tekken 6?!



Holy shit, now I know this guy is just trolling


Holy shit. You have to be a troll.

Scroll the fuck down. There’s a whole board just for Tekken. Fucking… ugh. WTF.

After all these years of waiting ? To be honest not really… I can’t even remember Tekken much anymore .

Tekken 6…really?
I’m still on Tekken 1.5, and there’s a 6 already?

Namco is going too fast for me.

Oh dear god…

The search button is up there.

i m r u

6? And I thought Tekken 3 was the last one. :facepalm:

I have been ready for Tekken 6 since before Tekken even existed. It looks awesome. Namco-Bandai FTW… Especially after the content-devoid KoF XII, and losing my SFIV save (with everyone unlocked), I really need a pick-me-up.

how about a game that has everyone unlocked by default

what a concept