Are you the worst Sakura Player? Vent here

So using a stick is actually necessary? The physical drawbacks I understand (from what I assume, the execution and the “feel” between the two), but I don’t think it should show how serious you are. It’s not their fault; if they’re not used to using pads, then I don’t think that’s anyone’s problem but their own. Plus, what do you mean by “people far less deserving advanced”? I thought the main goal was to succeed, not fail. Please explain.

I play on pad and I don’t have much problems performing things.

Alioune Sensei plays on a pad, our top 3 in this country plays on pad, Wolfkrone plays on pad, Louffy plays on pad and they’re all top players that are exceptionally good with their characters.

You can complete in SF just fine with a pad, yes I admit, using a stick gives you a slight advantage in terms of plinking. But a stick is not nessicary to play SF

I checked too. When performing the combo before AE 2012 on certain characters, it wouldn’t force the stand. Therefore, my EX tatsu would whiff right over their heads.

Do you remember which characters? That sounds really odd.

The only characters that ex tatsu would whiff on pre 2012 were


Ex tatsu does force stand for everyone, it’s just on those characters that hitboxes are a bit wonky going from crouching to standing.

But it works 100% on everyone else. The force stand property on cr.hp and cl.hp has been there from the start of Vanilla.

You’re right about it forcing the characters to stand… Some characters wouldn’t stand after performing the c.HP. Akuma, Yang, Yun, Evil Ryu, Oni, Blanka (I haven’t had an issue with Honda though) to name the big ones. I’ve seen this issue sooooo many times. I’d just have to show you a video I guess.

Anyway, by you own admittance, the characters would have to be standing. It doesn’t work when they’re crouched (this has been fixed of course)

That’s meant to cr.hp/cl.hp

Those 7 characters were the only exception to this.

Cr.hp/cl.hp does force stand, it worked on everyone besides those 7 characters (purely because of hitbox weirdness, nothing to do with the cr.hp/cl.hp’s properties)

Fergus2k8… I don’t know if you realize this… But you and I are agreeing with each other.

urgggh I cannot use U1 for my life. The shit that I’ve seen come out after it is driving me nuts. EX tatsus at least make some sense, though I had a jumping foward EX tatsu that did not(a jump back one maybe would?), EX otoshis(no fucking clue how this comes out), just a plain HK that whiffs, etc. It’s even worse going left, I can’t even get the dash to come out. I’d like to have it as an option against people where I don’t need the AA threat of U2 but the extra damage is negated when I can’t get it to come out :confused:

U2 is always better IMO, great oki after U2 to continue the pressure. U1 has really shitty oki if it doesn’t kill.

I still prefer U1 over U2, especially for :

1 - Higher damage. This helps a lot, especially when damage scaling comes into play. U2 damage scales a lot compared to U1. So in a hit-confirm combo (e.g c.Short>c.Jab>c.Fierce xx EX Tatsu > Ultra), U1 does a lot more damage than that of U2. Only downside of more damage is the versatility that U2 has over U1.
2 - Against fireballs. U1 can punish fireballs about little over c.Forward-length away on reaction. U2 is too slow and can only punish fireballs around little over c.Strong-length away.
3 - Oki is still decent. After the animation, it lands the opponent about mid-screen.I find this a decent spot to be in after U1 considering if you want to try to zone from that length, or do more rush-down. Only thing bad is that the opponent can wake up faster than when using U2.

I agree.

Ugh even without the ultras I’m just all around awful at playing people offline. My nerves were calm but I just can’t do basic stuff, when I’d land cl.hp/cr.hp I couldn’t even cancel them into tatsus, I couldn’t do the cr.hp bnb link after l.tatsu despite even being on my own console/monitor I brought from home. I’m fine online and fine in training mode, but as soon as I start playing another person I for whatever reason lose any ability to combo that I might have.

I was bad when I first started going to tournaments, but you’ll learn how to have nerves of steel. Just go to more tournaments and casuals.

I imagine myself playing with me and the opponent only. No background noise, just the sound of the fighting. If it’s easier for you, bring a set of head-sets and a playlist so you can tone out all of the outside noise.

I have terrible tourney nerves, I still get nerves in casuals as well. I don’t get to play offline as much as I would like to.

That was the weird part, like previously at casuals/tourneys I’ve noticeably felt nervous. Felt cold, my hands were cold/shaky, I was sweating, increased heart rate, etc. Yesterday I felt extremely calm and comfortable, I was just not executing. I think that I was just pressing buttons too early, like hitting :d::db::k::b: and hitting cr.hp too early for it to come out. I definitely did punishes too early, which killed me many times against a T.Hawk where I’d s.hp right before he landed, he’d air recover and land before I recovered from my move and command grab me.

getting my ass kicked in local tournaments…Time to start learning option selects.

Yeah those tourny nerves destroy me as well.

Mine have finally started coming around, the tourneys I’ve been doing our small weeklies but I finally feel comfortable offline. I’m dropping less combos, and even when I do I’m doing a better job of recovering defensively rather than just spazzing out and having my hand fall off the stick.

That said, the number of times I do something like land h.dp > FADC > s.hp but somehow drop the l.tatsu cancel is astounding, lol.

I do the same thing! LOL

Good christ I wish I had some consistency. Every time I think I’ve improved some and get some confidence, the next day that I play I just get wrecked by everyone I face. Dropping simple combos, missing techs/blocks when I know 10000% what move is coming next but just somehow mess it up, mis-timing cr.hp AAs, all kinds of shit. Yesterday I was pulling off dp FADC combos and resets, perfecting people left and right. Today I can barely win a round.