Are You Wearing Pants?

this is a poll about pants wearing

Define “pants”. Does it have to be any kind of clothing that covers the leg? Or just daytime, going out to places pants, like jeans, khakis, ect.? Are sweatpants and pajama pants excluded? My pajama pants have skulls on them.


under wear and shorts do not count, however I am appalled at the fact that I forgot to take that into account in the poll and will hopefully rectify this.

OK I can’t rectify polls, so therefore shorts count as pants and underwear counts as no pants. This is now a federal law, so please be aware of your pants wearing.

It’s in the 40s in N.Y.right now and landlord refusing to turn on the heat damn right I’m wearing pants.


fuck a @crucades

Do pajamas count?

yup…pants are on.

does this count?

(Nigga are you wearing sheer pants? FAAAAAAAG!

Pants are for plebeians.

I knew Joshkaz always gamed with me naked. Dat confirmation.

Pajama pants with a shirt = pants on

pajama pants without a shirt = you are nekkid

I’m wearing a dress.

Why would I wear pants in my own fucking home?
I suspect everyone who votes “yes” to either live in Alaska, with their mothers and/or being Christians or some other sick and disgusting shit.

I wanted this to be a BeGuiled thread

It’s spreading like a disease, better get a flu shot.

I wouldn’t necessarily ask for a BJ after a shower, though…


Actually I would, since it wouldn’t be the first time.