Are Zangief normal moves slower than other chars?

I main as Zangief but does anybody know if his moves are slower than other chars? such as his jump?? or any of this other moves that other chars have like his block?

im playing on a ps3 torunament edition madcatz fight stick, played on a lcd tv and crt tv. i have a cable internet connection and im usually the only one on the internet at the time when im playing. and i know the lag from online play can contribute to this. yet, i still feel like when i jump in any direction, he takes a split second to actually jump while other chars dont. if im wrong on this, please correct cause i dont want to be the spread of misinformation or anything. or like with his block, when i know a person is throwing a fireball at me, i know for sure ive down the block but it still hits me. things like that are happening to me.

if anybody has any insight or if anything like this is happening to you while playing zangief, or if any have quirks or frustrations about other moves you try to do, please post and let me know. :wasted:

theres frame data up on the main forum page stickyed. all your questions can be answered there

thanks, i was looking for that pre jump data. still wondering about the block tho, im getting hit even tho i know i changed in time. like when i change from a crouch block to standing block when i see the person just starting to jump and there still time as i watch him come down and attack me. or when i know a fireball is coming as im walking forward and i change to a standing block. maybe its cause i mainly play online but please tell me if anybody is experiencing something like that or if theres data on that too. thanks

online lag. it’s frustrating sometimes. especially when you know it’s coming and/or were trying to bait it to begin with.
although the jumping thing is actually built into the game…and it helps with all the spd and 2xspd motions.