Areas in the Usa that still have strong* a3

during the past years a near death has plagued the scene for the third alpha game. what are some regions that still play and what are any new things ur seeng in them as far as char use and strats?

I can’t give you one but…I’m hoping it’s at Evo in some form. I play now and then with random characters but…it’s not the same without a tourney to look forward to competing in. That’s f*cked up to omit the alpha series entirely from Evo in lieu of some other games the US doesn’t give a crap about. A couple tourneys at Evo were a joke. Kind of slap to A3 players. However, it’s good to assume that they couldn’t have used the same cabinets that they used for ST. That way, we can just look at it like they couldn’t afford the cabinets to have a tourney and be understanding:confused:

Without the support of big tourneys, I don’t think players will go out of their way to create an environment to play arcade a3 or buy the board. It’s probably the hardest game to practice for since arcades are dying, there is no true arcade port for console, and if you have a cab/board/emulator you’ll need comp. The competitive ppl are more likely practicing other games that they can compete on.

So, blame Evo:) lol

If you’re ever in Vegas, hit us up:) We’ll get down with some A3.


I think the main reason is because there’s no real solid port to console. Though people prefer arcade due to roots and all, console makes it possible for people who are in areas with arcades that don’t give a damn (or areas without arcades in general :frowning: ).

I’ve got the A3 ROM, and I never got into the series. I really want to pick it up now. Hence, why I downloaded the ROM. I’ve actually toyed with the idea of dropping 100s of dollars on a cabinet, but there’s no real way I’d be able to justify that kind of purchase for myself unless I made friends pop in quarters whenever they came over :frowning:

Btw, just wanted to say good job during the Evo2k2 A3 5 on 5. I’ve watched it thousands of times, and you were by far the most entertaining player to watch. Every match came down to the wire :slight_smile:

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Dreamcast has the worst port, and I still don’t think it’s that terrible, unless you like to play Dhalsim or Guy.

I’d rather not have to set up the DC at evo though, hopefully there’ll be some boards/cabinets free.

i tend to agree with u on this and with what iceage is sayin no port is too too solid, personally i mainly tool around with the psx port and arcade and its really weird to play dc version.

ANYHOW, i was tossing the idea of tryn to draw some key a3 players from ec and wc to texas showdown4. no the idea of the tourney is being considered right now and we still have about 2 months till the dates.
WHO would be interested in comming? the turnout with just random tx people and justin W and alex N was ok for a mid size tourney but i think if some names come then it will maybe chain react. wong is comming back this year, im not sure about navar. but cole is planning on comming for st already. apoc can u make it out? is anyone willing? saber nibor b chun choi tetsmjn TS?

iI can put up 100 bonus to first place if that will also help motivate people who have large distances to travel. think about it a big tourney could somehow restart the spark…

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I’d have to make plans in advance but I owe myself a TX trip eventually. I can’t say for sure atm cuz I’ve got a lil debt pending I need to catch up on but I’ll definately make the effort and get back to ya in a month or so. TX Showdown sounds tite:)


Hey hows the scene for A3 outside of the US anyways? I remember the UK having a pretty good scene for it. I have no idea how A3 is doing in japan, because it seems like most players have snubbed A3 now that Daigo has retired from it.

It’s like some of the other older games you play, you know there are people around that know how to play A3, but most of them have moved on to the newer games or are too busy to play arcade games anymore.

I mean GGXX, MvC2, SF3:3S, and CvS2 is spreading the players a bit too thin for my liking, maybe japan has the population to support 4 2d fighting games at once, but I’m doubtful about the US.

I’m broke and I suck. Also probably gonna be changing jobs in not-too-long. So only tournaments will probably be local, until Evo like 6 months ago.

But how often are the TX showdowns? it it just once a year?

I think A3 was in the a-cho Cup tournament a little while ago. I think it had a pretty good tournout, and there was the Ultimate Zero Direction 3 (or something like that) tourney not too long ago. There were a lot of characters played too…Dhalsim, Akuma, Sagat, Charlie, Ryu, Sakura, Ken, Vega, Gief, Rose, Gen, Guy, Chun, Rolento, Cody, Sodom, Juni, Bison, Karin…

There was also a 3-on-3 tournament at the a-cho Cup, which there are actually vids of on their website.

yeah its only once a year around this march ts, =/
apoc, get back to me about it . id really like to see this thing happen