Areas of innovation for FG mechanics?


Hmm, it seems to me that FGs, like FPS games, is a pretty mature genre in that everyone’s tastes are already set and noone is interested in anything too different.

Putting aside “technology” (ie. graphics, netcode, etc) and “external features” (ie. replays, community features, youtube/social networking integration, auto-tournaments, etc), and “anti-features” (ie. gems), what possible innovations, improvements, or evolutions can we imagine or desire for FGs?

Or is there none?

Just like FPS games have acquired cover mechanics, vehicles, physics, breakable terrain, regenerating health, and RPG-like XP and grind, here’s an incomplete list of some FG mechanic “innovations”, since SF2:

  • Running / dashing
  • Airdash
  • Additional resources like super meter.
  • Meter-using Cancel mechanics (ie. rapid cancel, FADC, BC Cancel, Drive Cancel, etc.)
  • Tag / Team select
  • Chain combos / canned combos
  • Ring out
  • Multiple vertical planes / 3D.
  • Burst
  • Multiple character styles / grooves
  • Juggles
  • Physics manipulation (eg. Tager gravity / Rachael wind in BB)
  • Multiple character control (eg. Carl in BB)
  • Air mines / static fireballs (eg. Aoko in Melty)

Of course, we’ve already reached the point where people would actually prefer that only a few of these things are in a game, rather than all of these things. So I don’t know if there’s any room or need for any more mechanics… maybe if someone comes up with something really good?

Do you imagine, 10 years from now, (good) FGs will still play like they do today, except with better graphics and netcode and stuff? (putting aside bitter cynical predictions that everything will be casual, DLC-infested and possibly free-to-play, etc. Or that FGs die completely.)


I know this may sound kind of silly, but how about a level up system across the board? Like Frank, max level 10 or so, throughout each level the characters normals, specials, and super properties change, longer reach or more damage, different super all together. This for a brand new IP of course, not shoe horned into an existing one.

Levels would carry over between rounds and the exp gained would be based on hits landed.

Definelty not something Capcom could pull off, but maybe Arcsys.

Basically it rewards a player going on the attack and rewards the winning player further.

Just to clarify also, you start at level 1 every match, not a silly customize feature that effects every match.


I think new “mechanics” should be kept to individual character quirks. There’s enough stuff that we already have that requires polishing that throwing in new stuff for the sake of new will only detract from the overall experience (I’m looking at you, music games).


I love this sort of shit. Johnny, Jam, Watson, Frank, AH3 arcanas like Tyr, love it all. I would love to see more.

AH3 super meter is a basic form of this. The meter you gain is actually the max meter you can have at any given time, and the meter you use recharges to the current max. It makes smart play really rewarding, because even if you win a round you could still only end up with like 1.5 meters if you suck at the game (starting with one).


Not really a mechanic, but I was thinking the other day about how mindblown I was the first time I heard “dynamic” commentary (Fifa '97). It would be cool if they could do that in FGs

“Whiff punishes the, in a good position for Oki now. Ambiguous cross-up… he fakes it and goes low! Opens him up like a can of pringles lulz”


^ Virtua Fighter had that feature with awful results :P, i think is a cool feature but it needs a lot of work.


I’d also like to hear about how existing mechanics need to be evolved or polished. Unless you just mean better balance and stuff.


Tag related:
-Free tag anywhere on screen (vs. Kizuna Encounter style tag zones).
-dual character supers
-Assists in a tag team game
-Control 2 characters in a tag team game at the same time
-Using juggles/stun to tag in mid combo
-Tag throws
-Netsu power (tag based comeback mechanic)
-3D tag with walls
-Character pair specific tag throws
-Tag cancels
-Variable Air Raid
-Giant characters (uneven teams)
-Air Exchange
-co-op tag (2v2 players)
-uneven teams via ratios
-custom assists


I agree with this. Imo, purely mechanics-wise, innovation hardly ever is a good thing for a genre (in video games). New concepts are always welcome, new mechanics…until commercially successful FGs have arrived at a point where developers don’t just throw em out to milk their customers, but instead properly support them, I really don’t care for new mechanics if it’s not character specific. I liked the OPs FPS comparison- look at old games, we had SF2 and Quake. Look at today, we got SF19ultrashoryukenfadcpenis and C.o.D.11: Modern Politics. An improvement? I hardly think so.


I consider Melty and KOF an improvement over SF2, tho. Mechanics wise.I dont think I could ever go back to a FG without running and some sort of low jump / IAD.

Oh, and AH’s arcana system is really interesting, even if I dont really like the games.
Similarly, Half Life > Quake series. Although it didnt really have much new mechanics apart from some unique weapon mechanics.

What is “proper support” for a FG anyways? Previous generation FGs rarely received any patches, community interaction from devs, or any of the other stuff we call “support” these days.


Proper support for fighting games is nonexistant, so I understand your bewilderment. Previous games received hardly any patches LOL- dude, current games dont even receive any sort of regular patches. They ship their games with the bare skeleton and thats it. And then retards pay for dlc while the devs and publisher cant even manage spec mode or whatever the fuck.

Half Life > Quake? Single player maybe, and who bothers with that shit. MP quake3a still is the best fps out there, frankly.

Also regarding other games’ mechanics, I wouldn’t wanna play sf2 anymore either, but clearly devs are incapable of keeping their inner retards in check, therefore Id rather play sf2 than the shit we got today, is what I was saying.


Take Marvel 3. They introduced two new mechanics that pretty much everyone hates: X-Factor and TAC’s. However, at a very basic level they are not bad ideas; what if, instead of being a comeback mechanic, X-Factor simply allowed you to cancel any move once a game? What if, instead of being a stupidly easy way to rack up damage and build meter, TAC’s merely swapped out your character and put the enemy in a soft knockdown? They would not be counterable and the direction you chose would decide which character gets tagged in (up/down for Assist 1 and left/right for Assist 2), making them a strategic choice where you decide if you would rather do more damage or get the free tag in.

And there’s always more polishing to do with online.

…It suddenly occurs to me that these are brand new mechanics and I’m basically contradicting myself. I retract my previous comment.


Actualy, this has been done before. It’s called a Roman Cancel. :stuck_out_tongue:



I will get around to playing Guilty Gear eventually


graphics have improved but the way characters are animated has not.

Of late i’m starting to think that its quite strange that in the majority of fighting games the action tends to take place from a crouching position. This looks really odd especially in 3d fighters.

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What are you trying to say?


Ok, so how do we feel about FG/RPG hybrids?

Demons/Dark Souls presents a very credible example of competitive dueling in an action RPG, similarly Guild Wars also had a healthy competitive aspect, although it was team-based.

I quite like the idea of having a range of abilities/items, and part of the gameplay is designing your character to maximise your effectiveness. But it should be “all stuff available from start”, without grind or unlocks.


King of Fighters '94 - 3v3

CvS2 - uneven teams via ratios


No. Just no. No one will balance that.