##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.1-Addison,Il.-Jan. 23 2010.## RESULTS

I am short on time at the moment but here are the results per tournment:


1.Spriggan 8pts.
2.Big_marcus 7pts.
3.P4Pking 6pts.
4.Scrips 5pts.
5.Scottemad 3pts.
5.Kobayashi 3pts.
7.Parad0x 2pts.
7.Growtesk 2pts.
9.Esoul 1pt.
9.SirTighty 1pt.
9.J.Young 1pt.
9. Yanu 1pt.


1.MysticBill 8pts.
2.Swiftdeamon 7pts.
3.Syxx 6pts.
4.ProToLegend 5pts.
5.P4Pking 3pts.
5.AuhsojsivarT 3pts.
7.Flying_V 3pts.
7.Yoshimattsu 3pts.
9.DejinnReflexx 1pt.
9.Dam 1pt.
9.DeadXIII 1pt.


1.Mooshi-Q 8pts.
2.Phreakzoid 7pts.
3.Emptyshiki 6pts.
4.DJMagicMaro 5pts.
5.Frankie G. 3pts.
5.Dejinnreflexx 3pts.
7.B-Rad 2pts.
7.DeadXIII 2pts.
9.Dam 1pt.

1.RoyalPhulsh 8pts.
2.Jigglynorris 7pts.
3.ProToLegend 6pts.
4.SirTighty 5pts.
5.MrMan99 3pts.
5.Hado-King 3pts.
7.Dam 2pts.
7.odlanorz 2pts.
9.Dejinnreflexx 1pt.
9.get merked 1pt.


1.Simamatty 3pts.
2.TeamPurple 2pts.
3.MagnusXL 1pt.

GG and 3S- Canceled

 I can't thank everyone enough for helping out and making the first RanBat a hudge success. I will post the information on the next RanBat later tonight. There will be some changes and new schedule and it will also be PreReg only.

Let me know what you thought about this one and leave it on this post (Good or Bad)

Awesome tournament! How many participated for SF4? GG’s to everyone I played in MBAA and SF4!

Things ran very smoothly, though I think SF4 could have been started earlier, delegating just 2 or 3 TV’s to HDR and running SF4 concurrently. However, the SF4 tournament itself finished in like 3 hours. Tournaments go by so quick when you have a lot of stations at your disposal. GDLKXIII tournaments so good. Much appreciation to everyone involved in making it a success.

Mad props to all that showed up, especially those from places far away! Let’s keep this good thing going! :woot:

I believe the number was 42 for SF4.

GGs once again! The Boxer matchup is not easy for El Fuerte!



Good shit to everyone who placed in all games. I’ll be there for the next RanBat, to bring some Las Vegas Blanka to SF4! Looking forward to it.

I had a good time, gg’s to everyone I played. I need to get my 360 stick modded so that I dont have to borrow sticks

Out of all the tournaments I’ve been too so far, this was easily the best one. Pre-reg only made a huge difference and made everything less of a hassle. Right when I got there (around 1-ish) EVERYTHING was set-up already, and that really impressed me. The Venue was just big enough to fit everyone too. It was just awesome. Can’t wait till next month.

GG’s to all in HDR. You SF4 players need to hop on HDR at the next ranbat and start playing some REAL Street Fighter.

Sorry Dad (Dan guy) Here. Had an excellent time. SF4 started a bit later than it should have, and I think that was the general consensus. Nice job Spriggan, wish I was there to see the rest of the matches but I had to go when i got elim’d. Wish i’d have done better. Will definitely continue to rep saikyo next time. watch out!

Jiggly you say this now but you know the T man is coming to SF4!

i hopped on hdr and got merked. it was fun though. gonna have to get some practice online, any xboxers send a friend request for hdr/sf4 - g3t m3rkkddddd

I had lots of fun and met some really cool people! I plan on coming next month also, I hope to do better next time!! Thanks again

Oops all late, Thanks humbag lol.

GGs to all the people I played in tourney and in casuals.

finnaly got my vid up of my hdr matches.

Oh yeah, Im excited about that. SF4 is great, but ST/HDR is perfect. Lol @ the one guy who tried mashing DP’s in HDR.

Yay at 9th place getting 1 ranbat point. woopeee. GG all =))

the other thing i thought was funny was one of the sf4 players saying that they should have entered hdr because they would have easily won hahahaha i’m not gonna say who though