##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.1-Addison,Il.-Jan. 23 2010.##


You asked for it and now you got it…
January 23rd 2010
[COLOR=“Red”][COLOR=“red”]AREAXIII Ranbats are here.[/COLOR][/COLOR]
Get Ranked or Get Spanked!

4N481 9th Ave.
Addison Il. 60101
(630) 666-0585 (Text only unless its the day of the event)
5$ venue, 5$ per event.

Games being played include…

Street Fighter 4 (singles)

BlazBlue (singles)

Tekken 6 (singles)

Guilty Gear XX (singles)

HD-Remix (singles)

3rd Strike (singles)

MBAA (singles)

The points system is easy to follow, Top eight and above recieve points starting with 8 for GC and working its way down to 1 for top eight finishers. If a tournment has less than 8 players at any time then top for recive points accordingly. 4 to GC and 1 to top four.

AREAXIII will be keeping track of you points throughout the year and you points will effect the seeding at all of my tournments.

PM me with: (Please leave comments on the thread as well)
First Name
Town you live in.
Game or Games you will be competing in.
If you are bringing a PS3 please let me know.

Check in/warmups will be from noon until 2pm with Tournments starting at 3pm.

This will be a monthly event from now on.

PM me with any Questions.


good stuff, chicago needed ranbats to get going


I’ll be there as often as possible. Any particular day set yet?


January 23


First Name: Dan
Gamertag: Syxx
Town you live in: Gurnee
Game or Games you will be competing in: Tekken 6

I’m bringing a PS3

If someone is down for running MBAA again I’d like to see that there. Even though there’s not a lot of players the people who play are pretty dedicated to the game.


dead, could just have people pre-reg in the thread, then its public.


Hi smart ass. I’m posting in this thread because it keeps it bumped and to encourage people to make public that they are coming and what games they are entering so players know that people will be there to play. If anyone is coming, then they should be doing the same thing. I already PM’d him the same info. Why the hell do you have to try to start problems over such petty shit. Stop being an asshole.

Also, DEADXIII, any chance that this could become a bi-weekly? Or would your rather keep this as a monthly event?


i like how you get offended like a pre-teen girl. get over your period. i quoted both and then suggested pre-regs to be put here instead of pm’s.

really need to stop being so sensitive.


This could absolutely become bi-weekly if their is enough demand to do so. I have no problems with doing that. but lets see how this one goes first. And you too knock it off or Im gonna pitty both the foos!** A-Team style**.


You did it in the most ass way possible. Nice way to try to cover your ass but the way you quoted me you are clearly trolling, trying to make me look like I can’t read directions. What the fuck do you expect. Get over your complex already.

Dead— can we add Melty Blood to this event? Same entry 3 bucks or whatever is fine as a side tournament (in other words, no venue fee waived for bringing a console)


so you missed the directions princess. END OF THE WORLD.

i m sure other ppl will miss that, so clarifying since it was listed in a specific way. you are the first, therefore it was on you.

cover my ass? what is there to cover really? posted clear as day.

this is my last post on the issue. if you have an issue with me, take it in person as to not clutter dead’s thread any more.


That’s it Nives Vs. Syxx Peanutbutter Slap Match. I pick the game. Loser gets PB slaped by random crowd member.

Choose your fate, Chunky or Smooth…


Monthly makes a little more sense ranbat wise for me personally. Since I would take time off to get there on time and help setup. I want to pimp this out so we can record top 8 and the like. Really making this an event each month. Something that can draw people in and get people to practice and level up.


Rest assured yong one, I am doing everything I can to get this entire community HYPE like a KidnPlay KickStep. Word to Your Mutha, Peace. Also, I would love to have someone post video of these events.

Also, I’m not kidding about the PB slap thing. Settle it with a game. Cheek full of PB and a wet nap later and everyone is happy again. Will sub Soy product if Peanut allergy is an issue.

Love Yas!:love:


How about stop starting stupid internet shit especially where it doesn’t belong? Don’t act like you don’t know what you did. And of course you’re going to come back with the tired old canned responses like “oh you must be on your period because you responded to me trying to point out that you’re an idiot oh and by the way I’m not going to respond any more cuz I owned u lolol.”

Oh and Dead there’s nothing to settle in any game I’m not good at any of the games he plays in vice versa. There’s 0 reason for him to be starting shit about anything. He’s just trying to make people look stupid to make up for his complex. It’s OK though, I won’t hold it against him since it’s already been established that he has issues and I got over it a long time ago. It would be like holding a mentally challenged person accountable for doing stupid shit. It’s not his fault.



fighting games/ranbats



**----->**At the January RanBat I am leaving Stations 1,2 & 3 open to side tournments. For those of you who were here last time that’s the three stations located in front of my desk. The other tournments will be run on Stations 4 through 15 and most likely 2 events will be run simotainously to help the players that are in more than one event stay focused on the event that they are currently in.

Shiki this means that you can run MB and Garuo but this time it’s totally up to you. If you are going to run side tournments please let me know via PM. People planning side tournments that are not on the list of games for this tournament will still have to have their players register through me.




Do you have an email people can prereg with… not everyone plays 2d.




this is a weekend before my birthday. might have to try and make it (to hang out or whatever). I like the PB slap match idea. I got $20 on Nives.

Oh and Dead, can I be that “random” guy who gets to slap the living fuck out of the loser? :smiley:

I’m just kidding…:rofl:

I might be somewhere else, breaking my controller for some unknown reason.


If people from the city go to this give word although I can’t prereg just because idk what my sched will be like