##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.2-Addison,Il.-Feb. 20th 2010.##


##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.2-Addison,Il.-Feb. 20th 2010.##

Feb. 20th 2010
AREAXIII Ranbat 1.2
Get Ranked or Get Spanked!

4N481 9th Ave.
Addison Il. 60101
(630) 666-0585 (Text only unless its the day of the event)

$10 venue, $5 per event.

Games being played include…

**Street Fighter 4 (singles)

BlazBlue (singles)

Tekken 6 (singles)

HD-Remix (singles)

MBAA (singles)

AND NOW… TvC (singles)**

Times for the events are as follows:

Doors open at 10am

11pm - 1pm. TvC and MBAA

1:30pm - 3:30pm BB and HDR

4pm - 6pm T6

6:30pm - 8:30pm SF4

9pm - Open for casuals. (Casuals are FREE if you were in the tournment, $5 entry fee if you were not.)

AREAXIII will be keeping track of you points throughout the year and you points will effect the seeding at all of my tournments.

IF you have never regiestered for an AREAXIII event before you must send me this information before the day of the event. IF you have then please show up at least 30min. before your event to check in so all events can start on time.
PM me with: (Please leave comments on the thread as well)
First Name
Town you live in.
Game or Games you will be competing in.
If you are bringing a PS3 or Wii please let me know. We have more than enough TVs but we need people to bring systems and copies of games.

Please show up one hour before your event start to check in and pay. No event will be deleyed due to you tardyness.
The event that is currently in progress has priorty over people playing casuals. If you are not in the current event and there is no room in the main gaming area or the waiting area please come back at the half hour reset break before your game. Once your event is finished you are welcome to stick around IF there is room. IF not and you are not regiestered in another event please leave and come back for casuals.

PM me with any Questions.


im down for getting whooped in hdr again.

wondering about tuesday casuals. sf4 players anyone?


Tuesday Casuals?
where at? i’m down.


I’m going to do my best to be there for SF4. I’m moving out there in about 2 weeks, so hopefully I’m settled in and can make it.


ill be up there tomorrow for some casuals, anyone that knows how to dual mod TE sticks please lemme know.


BB? SF4? AND HDR?!?! Count me in!


(Edited per request.)


Yeah, dude that’s a shitty payout. I haven’t been to one of your events, I know…but as a potential attendee, that turns me off to even thinking about going. Total barf sandwich, imo. I’ve never heard of tourneys having to pay the “staff,” unless there was some other shit at work and how many of these people A) know what they’re doing and B) actually earn their pay for the event? I’m not trying to shit on anything you’re doing, but this just reeks of barfism.


For those that are attending this tournament on saturday, instead of my tournament that same day:

Please be sure to stop by on Sunday at my toirnament for TVC: UAS and HDR, if you’re still looking for some competitive fun weekend of this tournament.


so theres a venue fee AND half of the entry fee goes to the staff? ehhhhhhhhhhh


So do we need to register for every one or are we locked in the system having registered and attended the first one?

Oh yeah, and did you end up letting people who didn’t register enter before? I had a buddy who wanted to tag along with me but I told him he probably couldn’t because it was pre-reg. I wasn’t sure if the pre-reg just ended up guarantying you’d play or if you decided that it was necessary to participate period.


Yes, you need to regiester for each RanBat, But… if you were regiestered in a prior RanBat then all you need to do is PM me telling me your attending this one since all of your other information is already in the machine.

Also, if you have a situation where you have someone who did not regiester for the ranbat tag along and they want to play they can can regiester the day of the event with me but please pre regiester them if you have a chance. they have until the day of the event to cancel.

Hope that was helpful.


guys, its not like hes laughing as he takes your money into his pocket and fleeing.

he built the fucking place, and continues to purchase games and sticks and buttons. this isnt his beer money.


Generally, tournament venue fees should cover all the venue-related things. If that means you need to raise the venue fee, then that’s something to consider.

Taking extra money out of the entry fees without telling people in the thread (which, if you did and I missed it then my bad) and waiting until the day of the tournament to do so is kinda dishonest, no matter what the money is being used for.

Also, insinuating that your place is the only regular gathering spot for people to hone their skills is somewhat short-sighted. On the south side, Dark Kakashi has gatherings nearly every weekend. People go to Gameworks on Thursday nights. I have a northwest Indiana gathering on the weekends that DK doesn’t do one. I know some of the MvC2 players get together regularly, as well.

This is all to say that I think your place and what you’re doing is really great, but you need to be able to take feedback (and, yes, criticism) into account without getting all worked up about it. I know you’re trying to be able to keep the place open with wifi and heat and whatever, but there are plenty of people willing to host tourneys and gatherings without taking so much of the money for themselves or for the venue. If you need to take more to keep the place up and running, then you need to figure out a way to do so that doesn’t make you lose customers.

I don’t think it’s selfishness for someone with a legitimate chance of winning a tourney to want to make sure they’re going to come away with more than they paid to enter. Some people enter tourneys to win money. Some people hold events to make money.


I just hope my second match isn’t vs Marcus again.


I have a spare tv u can have will bring it next tuesday.


A tournament rental fee for a stick would be a good way to fix that. Maybe free for casuals or something. BP amoco and I are both pad players, as are quite a few of the Tekken, MB:AA, and some GG players. Loaner stick costs aren’t something that we should be hit with, since we’ll most likely never touch them at any point in time.

I agree with shiki though, your priority should be to try and make this sensible to as many people as possible, the more people and the higher venue fee will easily outweigh the few people who choose to participate in multiple tourneys. Think about it, charging more per game is going to deter multi-event people from coming…it’s just a fact. It’s a high chance in hell that I’ll take away a win in SF4, but I’ll slap down 5 bucks to try my luck anyway, I’m going to think twice if it’s double that (and not a major tourney like FF or SB). Even less so if not all of that money goes to the immediate pot, in fact only half.


On the loaner stick note: If there were a charge for it, it might become easier to track who has it, and might be helpful in taking care of, oh, say buttons that become useless.

Also, I thought venue fees were supposed to take care of the venue, not pot fees. True, pulling from the pot means there’s more money to put into the venue, but again, less people paying for events means less pot money, meaning less venue money, meaning I’m repeating what everyone else has said at this point just to strengthen the concept.

All in all, not once have I ever complained about the work you do (our first meeting doesn’t count :rofl:). Keep it up! :tup:




I’m looking forward to watching the tvc matches.