##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.3-Addison,Il.-Mar.20th 2010.## RESULTS

Hey everyone, I would like to start by saying how awsome this RanBat was and I’m glad that everyone had such a good time. I would like to also give special thaks to Big_Marcu, ScotteMad and Flying_V for helping out at the tournament keeping things running smoothly. And I would like to thank TuoWare AKA TubaPlayer and Parabellum for the pow wow we had about improving the secene in the MidWest and TuboWare for the interveiw. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE SUCK!

And now, your AREAXIII RanBat 1.3 Results…

Melty Blood Actress Again:



  1. Frankie G.
  2. B-Rad
  3. Xian


  1. TuboWare
  2. Frankie G.
  3. Brain Fang
  4. Flying_V
  5. B-Rad
  6. DeadXIII




Heroic_Legacy Vs. Frankie G. 1st to 10



  1. Big_marcus
  2. Spriggan
  3. Scrimps
  4. FeniXXX
  5. Kobayashi
  6. Apples
  7. BombChivo
  9. parad0x
  10. ScotteMad
  11. P4PKing
  12. BPAmaco
  13. TuboWare
  14. ShadoHado
  15. ReyArt
  16. Darmonde
  17. Heroic_Legacy
  18. B-Rad
  19. Dannkk
  20. Flying_V
  21. Yanu
  22. Parabellum
  23. DeadXIII


  1. Team QQ4U: Scrimps / P4PKing
  2. Scrubs R’ Us: Spriggan / parad0x
  3. RyGeif: BPAmaco / ShadoHado
  4. Aki <3’s Mexicans: ZANGEIF4LIFE / BombChivo
  5. Camo and the Chef: Flying_V / ReyArt
  6. The Oppressed: Big_marcus / ScotteMad
  7. Chun-blockable: Parabellum / TuboWare
  8. Team Honky XIII: FeniXXX / DeadXIII

CvS2 side Tournament

  1. Frankie G.

  2. TuboWare

  3. B-Rad

  4. Heroic_Legacy

  5. Parabellum

  6. Brain Fang

  7. Flying_V

  8. Xian

    This scene, without a doubt, is getting better and closer every month. If I had any complaints it would be that people don’t take it seriously enough. I thought I was having fun before but it took the hyped up attitude of TuboWare to show me what real hype is. Until he showed up on the scene I had forgotten what it was like to get super excited about a match. Follow his example when you play or watch a match. Get excited, make some noise let people know that your their. This is compatition not casuals and you should be excited to be a part of it. I see big things in the future for competive fight games and I will do what ever it takes to make thing happen for my community. Get Hype MidWest!


RanBat Point list Update.

If the event is not listed than there is no update for that event.


  1. RoyalPhlush… 8pts.
  2. JigglyNorris… 7pts.
  3. ProToLegend… 6pts.
  4. SirTighty… 6pts.
  5. TuboWare… 6pts.
  6. Frankie G. … 5pts.
  7. TitanArch… 4pts.
  8. MrMan99… 3pts.
  9. BrainFang… 3pts.
  10. Hado-King… 3pts.
  11. Dam… 2pts.
  12. odlandorz… 2pts.
  13. Flying_V…2pts.
  14. DejinReflexx… 1pt.
  15. GetMerked… 1pt.
  16. DeadXIII… 1pt.


  1. Big_marcus… 23pts.
  2. Spriggan… 22pts.
  3. P4PKing… 13pts.
  4. Scrimps… 12pts.
  5. FeniXXX… 8pts.
  6. ScotteMad… 6pts.
  7. Kobayashi… 6pts.
    07.AsianTony… 5pts.
  8. parad0x… 4pts.
  9. Keits… 3pts.
  10. Apples… 3pts.
  11. BombChivo… 2pts.
  12. ZANGEIF4LIFE… 2pts.
  13. GrowTesk… 2pts.
  14. SirTighty… 2pts.
  15. Phreakazoid… 2pts.
  16. BPAmaco… 1pt.
  17. Esoul… 1pt.
  18. LiveReruns… 1pt.
  19. Yanu… 1pt.
  20. BaBro16… 1pt.

Very good stuff, everyone! Show up to the next ranbat next month! Make it hype!

Good shit NATE (aka ShadoHado) for repping WI in a game we all HATE and few of us enjoy (SF and HDR respectively)!!! :woot:

No seriously, good stuff man.

I gotta play catch up in SF4 points for sure. I had too much fun last night guys. Im gunna do everything I can to be there every month. Also, big ups to Joe and the AreaXIII crew for letting me get that interview in, and for Marcus for making a guest appearance.


Hell yeah. FT10 in Blazblue SO HYPE.

“Can we just call it a slaughter rule already?”

CvS2 was the hypest thing all night. Nobody who participated in it or watched it would deny it. That shit was so awesome you could not stop watching.

I was hella free last night lol…I don’t know why I played like shit…just wasn’t my day…oh well…next time


weak ass shit

that is all

p.s. ur still awesome frankie

Gee DeadXIII, you sure are the best community leader ever. I can really get behind your idea of uniting the community as long as they aren’t MB players! Those guys just need to play a better game with more competition, maybe then they’d learn some fundamentals and be able to move on to Street Fighter, which as we all know is the BEST game!


Remember when I said if the MB players were serious, they would have shown up and played? Guess what, not a single MB player came. NOT ONE. Yet I throw a side CvS2 tournament and it was hella fun. The MBAA players couldve shown up and done the same. Yet, surprisingly, they didn’t.

Quit crying on every RanBat post man, seriously.

Yeah MB community kinda screwed themselves by not showing up and runnin it as a side.

I see no fault is Deads desicions if no one came out.

Also quit trying to make people like a game when really most dont. Ive said this before, MB is a good game, hell I like playing MB but it does not appeal to many people and well, sorry about that. People play what they like so dont get angry just cause people dont want to play it.


Meh its mostly my fault for melty not being run since i couldn’t be there to run a tourney, its not some big drama thing. I am one of like 2 or 3 players conveniently located near dead’s enough to consider it a local melty spot, the other players are far or in the city as far as i know, if they are going to run a tourney for it it will be nearer to them and in an area with more melty players. at least a handful of people would probably come and enter a melty tourney but might not want to commit in advance to running it, especially at an event that just removed the game as an official game.
bad ratio of confidence to convenience for anyone else who would’ve been willing to run it.

The moment i get a car will be when i announce the melty side tourney for the next event.

Did Frankie get raped by the power of science?

Hell yeah. That means I’m still leading BB. What’s that ranbat pot up to now? 12 bucks? I play to get paid.


Anally raped X.X

What the hell is the point of going to a sf4 tournament and expecting to play melty blood or any other game for that matter?

Also no one’s pissed that it didn’t go down but how dead xiii is reacting to it in the first line of results. He already made the tekken players not want to come to his tournaments, so why would the mbaa players want to go. Half of them were coming down from wisconsin to begin with. They knew no one else was going. The only reason people were going to begin with was because i was posting the tournaments on the melty blood forums. Blazblue didn’t even go down either.

Dead xiii can’t see past srk, like i explained before. You’re not gonna get randoms showing up to play mbaa at a sf4 tournament. It’s that simple. It would be like showing up expecting to play mario vs sonic the hedgehog olympics or a game of basketball. It would have been a complete waste of time to show up for a tournament that wasn’t even in the lineup.

So anyway necrosis isn’t mad because it didn’t go down. No one is. It’s because of the way dead xiii came off over it it in the first line of the results. Which is why I’m laughing at :

Really, what do you know what “the scene?” When you can’t even barely see past SF4, and think every other game that isn’t SF4 is just some side show?

Also I’m lulzing because poor players like Tuboware are even taking any money in HDR. That is shit and I can’t wait til MWC gets closer and I can start playing again and showing these sub par players who is in charge =P

Emptyshiki don’t even bother, why the hell would anyone want to come to his next event for melty blood or any other game that isn’t sf4 for that matter, when it’s clear that we aren’t wanted.

That is all.

Frankie always loses to the power of science, 720’s >>>>>> him

Rather than pinpoint one Melty Brat I will address this to the entire Melty community that believes that I have something against Melty. That means that If you do not believe that I hate melty or any other game for that matter then you don’t need to read this.

 Melty is a small comunity that, in my experiance, is all talk and no play. Event after event I have given Melty a window of opertunity to prove me wrong and yet you would rather type your complaints on the SRK than organize and compete. What does that say about you? I am not resposiable for SF4 being the bigest draw in the nation or here in Illinois, My venue is not  covered in SF posters and signs, the name of this place is not SF@AREAXIII. You want to know why I posted the MBAA results at the top of this thread as WAHHH!? It's because that was the result. No MBAA players showed up to hold a tournament and I still have to listen to you cry. There will be no Moses of Melty Blood to lead you to the promise land and save you from the evil SFPharo. It's up to you to do something besides bitch and moan. The only thing that I can guarentee is that the more you complain, the harder it's going to be for MBAA to get the respect you believe it deserves. Even if MBAA is a HYPE success at evo you will have had nothing to do with it and you will most likely ride on the coat tails of those who do. How pathetic are you?


There will be a spot open for MBAA at AREAXIII as a side tournament for those who choose to play insted of cower.

Shiki - I’ve seen your loyalty to MBAA, it’s not your fault they don’t show up to play.

Im “lulzing” too. Do you think I even play HDR? HDR is a shit game just like Melty Blood. ST > HDR in every way. To be honest, I never even played ST.

Also, how can you call me sub par when you’ve never seen me play? I have like, 2 VERY old SF4 vids, and 2 three month old SF4 vids on youtube. That’s it. I’m sure you’ve seen them /sarcasm.

So if you wanna play SF4, which I don’t think you even play, get at me at the next RanBat if I can make it out. Sub par says the MBAA player. That is the easiest fucking game I’ve ever played. Easy to the point where it isn’t fun. The only two times I’ve played it, I was using a PS2 pad (I’m not a pad player) and I was hit confirming into supers and using stupid easy air combos. That isnt something you should just be able to pick up and do with a fighting game the first time you play it, unless it’s from the Capcom Vs. series. Then it’s somewhat similar. Other than that, a whole new game shouldn’t be THAT easy to pick up and play. Sorry.

And I didn’t take any personal shots at you Syxx, just your favorite game, so I don’t know why your trying to come at me. I did nothing to wrong you, whatsoever.

SF4 is the easiest fucking game I’ve ever played. Easy to the point where it isn’t fun. The first time I played it, I was doing combos into ultra and using stupid easy reversals. That isn’t something you should just be able to pick up and do with a fighting game the first time you play it.


Except SF4 is one of the most footsie/zoning heavy games to be released since ST. I do agree there are quite a few stupid things about it, including easy reversals, but regardless, you have to actually have fighting game knowledge to play it.

Melty Bad on the other hand…

Anyways, I’m done arguing with Melty kids. The only one that doesn’t whine and complain is EmptyShiki. He doesn’t cry about everything. Matter of fact, why do MB players expect love on a site called SHORYUKEN? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

So when you guys get a decent amount of players to show up and play, I’ll shut up. Matter of fact, I’ll shut up now, cuz like I just said, Im done arguing about a game that no one really plays.