##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.3-Addison,Il.-Mar.20th 2010.## RESULTS

pretty sure i got 2nd at the melty tourny when it was like the 2nd time i had ever played the game…that should show which is easier =P

Actually, you don’t. If you saw what I did there, you wouldn’t have argued SF4’s case, because I just did for SF4 what you did for Melty Blood. I don’t even mean any of that, I actually kinda like SF4, and ST, and actually damn near every fighting game, but that isn’t the point. Maybe it’d have been more obvious if I came in and posted that I’d rather play MBAA than mash hadokens until you get close and then do a shoryuken?

You clearly know NOTHING about Melty, and honestly it doesn’t make you look very good concerning fighters in general if you seriously think that just being able to hitconfirm a super or the capability to do a simple aircombo makes any game easy. I’m not even referring to the real combos being harder than “I’mma do a chain into super!” I could go on about that ALL day, but no, I’m referring to the actual match. You know, the part that happens inbetween combos. The part that makes up a goddamn fighting game.

I don’t give a damn if you’re done arguing. You took an extremely ignorant view on the matter, and I have every reason to respond to it. I don’t expect love, I expect RESPECT.

pretty sure frankie got second in HDR that shows what game is easier =P.

Ya know what guys, I just put up a blog about Melty Blood so why don’t you take your arguements over there. Even thought I never made a single comment reguarding Melty Blood as a bad game I’m shure you Melty Blood player will find plenty to bitch about. If you want people to take Melty seriously than come down of your petastal and show us what you got. Now is the time for action.

http://www.shoryuken.com/entry.php?b=928 Try reading it before you take offense to it.

lol that sf4 is an easy game, that’s a myth. Thats why the people that have the strongest background in sf concepts (footsies, zoning, etc) are also the best players. Obviously it was marketed as noob friendly and it is in the ways described above but being able to execute easy reversals and shortcuts aren’t going to help you beat good players.


I’d like to point out that I was the only Illinois MB player to beat fLoE at that tournament.

Both of you guys need to stop presenting your ignorant cases against each game. You’re making Chicago look bad.

Side note: If Syxx vs TuboWare in ST/HDR goes down, I got $20 on Dan. Who want this free money?! Dan is a shitty MBAA player who shits on SF4 all the time! He’s no good at Street Fighter!

SF is one of the most deep fighting games ever made,I really hate guys that think otherwise. Go fucking play your game and ill play mine…easy right?

Edited for clarification!

Thanks for not reading the second post I wrote about it guys, I was acting ignorant on purpose. I fully accept SF4 and, you know, PLAY IT. Pretty damn often, actually, considering it has decent online play and right now, for lack of free time to go out and play offline, that’s a huge part of why I’ll play a game. Hell, I gave SF4 enough time after deciding I hated playing Chun to find a new character with whom I’m comfortable. I understand the game, I know that post is wrong, THAT WAS THE POINT.

I actually totally agree with this (pre-edit). As this quote is, I WAS happy that it happened, but apparently that only applies to street fighter.

everyone shut the fuck up now…get over it lol

LMFAO @ thread!!!

Lloyd is my new hero!

A scrub being happy at another scrub, must be nice…

Oh no you didn’t…

“snaps fingers”


Just wanted to stop in quick and say good shit to everyone I played on Saturday, it was a shit-ton of fun. And thanks a ton to BP Amoco, who randomly asked to play in the team tourney, and we did fairly well (minus Scrimps being ON all night and Akuma beating my ass.)

BP Amoco - Great Gief, I will have to get your XBL GT cuz I forgot to put it in my phone. Either way, as said above, thanks for randomly asking to play in the 2v2 during casuals. I’m not really familiar with alot of people down there, but I’m sure I will be once SSF4 comes out and I spend more time in IL.

Spriggins - Due to my online only play (WI is a Tekken state) I have never seen Akuma be that nasty. That, and you’re a great player, which didn’t help my cause any. ^ ^

Big_Marcus - So why is c.LK so good? lol “but it looks so tempting…” I had alot of fun playing those sets with you after the tourney was over, and thanks for explaining some things in detail as well. Very helpful guy. Level Up!

Chef Player who’s name I didn’t catch (results say maybe ReyArt?) - Good games in the 6-7 I think we played. I’m pretty you said you don’t use the FP combo, but that stun damage it does it good stuff. Just sayin. ^ ^

P4PKing - Good stuff on Saturday, I’m pretty sure it was you that showed up sic, but you guys still won the 2v2 and your casuals after went pretty well too if I remember right. Thanks for also explaining some stuff, and I’m pretty sure you were showing some people better BnB combos for them to use in Training Mode too. :tup:

parad0x (I think? Sorry if not…) - We played like 30-40 casuals after that extremely short SFA2 bit lol. You also helped explained alot of stuff, and I was somewhat surprised to see you play Ryu in the tournament. I mean, if that’s who you play, then I’m sorry, but when we played casuals I was fairly convinced you were playing either Sagat or Akuma. I know you said you played “multiple characters shittily” or something like that (LOFL,) but it’s better to know them all, then to fight against one you don’t know about. I mean I’m not saying keep playing them all, but the more knowledge you have the better, right?

DeadXIII - I dunno how I’ve never seen the video for “I’m On A Boat,” (I must have skipped that one rofl,) but it was hilarious. Anywho, thanks for hosting and running the events, and that pizza that she (name? sry) got for us was actually still pretty good cold when I finally tried it lol. The speakers thing might not be a bad idea, but I totally vote for you getting a mini fridge and selling drinks. Just sayin, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be buyin. ^ ^

Everyone else - I either can’t remember your name or I’m not 100% sure if it’s you and I don’t want to screw it up, so I apologize. I know there were some of you I talked with for quite a long time, but I didn’t even think to ask names. :frowning: Last time I showed up in February, I came sic as hell, didn’t really talk to anyone much, played awful, went 0-2 and left right away. I was glad I got to play so many different people so many different times, the large amount of tvs is awesome (even though less consoles came this time.)



PS. - To my bestest friend Ari - They tell me that you sometimes come to these events… Don’t you at least want to give me a best friend hug?! lofl

I didn’t make it in time for HDR, but thanks man.

Yeah well now at least hopefully you can see my point about you and dead xiii taking shots at the players. It sucks that your favorite game didn’t get voted in at evo. And if you want to constantly bash a game that you’ve never played, thats fine too. But there’s no reason why you have to take shots at the players of ANY game continuously, and if I feel like I am part of a group that you are coming down on, of course I’m going to come back at you.

And no, I don’t really think you suck because I have no clue who you are, I was doing it to make a point. Lay off the MB players. I already explained why no one came to the last tournament (because of another tournament being run the same day) and this time (because the game wasn’t on the list of tournaments), and don’t act like you are innocent because I read your posts in this thread and the other thread. Even though I’m taking a break from tournaments right now doesn’t mean I’m not around reading what is going on.

Also Kobayshi, Dfly, and Ari are full of truth.

That is all.

TThere should be no bashing, we should all be prancing around and dancing with fanciful unicorns and all agreeing that SFEX2 is the best game of all time BARF

no offence Webs

Lloyd when is your spring break?

Everyone should just shut up and play Garou or Real Bout 2.


Groove On Fight IMO.

Someone learn Groove On Fight with me.