##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.3-Addison,Il.-Mar.20th 2010.##

##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.3-Addison,Il.-Mar. 20th 2010.##

Feb. 20th 2010
AREAXIII Ranbat 1.3
Get Ranked or Get Spanked!

4N481 9th Ave.
Addison Il. 60101
(630) 666-0585 (Text only unless its the day of the event)

Venue fee is $10, $5 if you bring a PS3 or Wii and it is used in the tournament.

Games being played include…

Street Fighter 4 (singles) $10

Street Fighter 4 Teams (2v2) $10 per team ($5 per person)

BlazBlue (singles) $5

Tekken 6 (singles) $10

HD-Remix (singles) $5

TvC (singles) $5

Times for the events are as follows:

Doors open at 11am

12- 2pm. TvC and HDR

2:30pm - 4:30pm BB and T6

5pm - 7pm SF4

7pm - completed SF4 2v2 teams

8pm - Open for casuals. (Casuals are FREE if you were in the tournment, $5 entry fee if you were not.)

AREAXIII will be keeping track of you points throughout the year and you points will effect the seeding at all RanBats.

IF you have never regiestered for an AREAXIII event before please send me this information before the day of the event. IF you have then please show up at least 30min. before your event to check in so all events can start on time.
PM me with: (Please leave comments on the thread as well)
First Name
Town you live in.
Game or Games you will be competing in.
If you are bringing a PS3 or Wii please let me know. We have more than enough TVs but we need people to bring systems and copies of games. $5 off venu fee if you bring a system and it’s used for the tournment.

Please show up one hour before your event start to check in and pay. No event will be deleyed due to you tardyness.
The event that is currently in progress has priorty over people playing casuals. If you are not in the current event and there is no room in the main gaming area or the waiting area please come back at the half hour reset break before your game. Once your event is finished you are welcome to stick around IF there is room. IF not and you are not regiestered in another event please leave and come back for casuals.

PM me with any Questions.

Everything under the topic line says Feb. 20th, so you might wanna edit that so no one is confused on the date.

with the other city tournament going on same day as the last event it was a given that not many people would show up for melty blood.
without having another tourney splitting entrants we should be able to get enough to run a tournament next time. if nobody signs up it doesn’t need to run but myself and others want to keep playing the game.

A few things…

1st - can you update the last tourney venue with the full results for tekken?

2nd - Like TurboWare said, you may want to update the dates…it’s still has the last tourney date.

3rd - Not sure if this is feasible, but can you keep the tourney times consistent. It seems like there are different to for each game at every Ranbat. Can this be fixed? - I know that a lot of the entrants go to Tekken and Street Fighter 4, so if you can keep these later in the afternoon that would be great. - 4pm for Tekken 6 was perfect. It gives people from out of state, enough time to drive and ends perfectly for them to drive home or to enjoy the Chicago lifestyle, if they choose to.

4th - I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the tournament entries and venues fees, at least for Tekken. As it stands for right now, venue fees are $10 and entries are $5. It would be great to increase some gaming tournaments to atleast $10 bucks for Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4. I know that you might say “well we have to keep it cheap for everyone.” But, to get serious turn outs, you have to increase the stakes. The Bigger the Pot, the better chance of more people showing for the more competitive games. For example, Ranbat could of been a lot bigger if the WI tekken/street fighter 4 players did not go to the Ohio tournament the same weekend. The main reason for this is that the stakes were high at another location. - I’m just expressing what everyone else has told me or what I’m noticing. Let me know you thoughts on this because this is a serious concern for the gaming community. And if you do decide to increase the entry fees, just look at it on the bright side, it’s only once a month.

By the way the pizza, was a plus for this past weekend. Is that where the venue fees went to?

Lamar aka Swift

I was thinking for the next Ranbat. Who would be interested in having teams as part of the SFIV event? I think it would be cool if enough people show interest so it can be added to the list of events. What do you guys think?

Ok, let see if I can do all this…

1st- My computer that I use to track all stats is down until I can get it to my brother to fix it. I will post them ASAP.

2nd- The easy request is done, I changed the date to reflect the current tournment.

3rd- There are a lot of opinions on what times the tournaments should start. I would like the tournment for the most part to over at a decent hour so out of towners can make their way home at a decent hour I think that this schedule will be the permanent one base on what I experienced at the last two ranbats. Starting at noon was the what the earlier tournmets would like and ending earlier is what the later tournments would like.

4th- If the Tekken community whould like better pots then I think more Tekken people should speak up, I have no problem with raising the entry fee but I would like to hear from more Tekken players first. I did hear that Tekken players would like GrandFinals to be 5/7 so I believe that I will chage that at the next ranbat.

Actually the Pizza was someone else’s idea eveyone pitched in money for the pizza, I just pitched in antisapation of more people showing up but the pizza was an everyone thing.

Hope these answers helped.

I like this Idea, lets see what the rest of the people think.

It did thanks…most of the Tekken players post up on TZ. So, everytime you post an event up, I will try to copy and paste your details into the TZ site. I’m not sure if you have an TZ account, but it would be worth it if you don’t. As far as Tekken people speaking up, there are a few people that will. That’s why I am saying this now. Usually they will post there complaints on TZ or I will be casually talking with someone and they will mention it to me.

Hopefully, someone else will speak up because it’s hard for one voice to represent many people that feel the same way.


The Chicago thread is liking the idea. It’s just up to you if you wanna do 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5.

can you put melty back in. there should be enough players to have a tourney as long as its not the same day as another event. as long as i can get there i will bring a setup for it.

Sorry Shiki, I’ve held Melty Blood for three consecutive tournaments and the turnout has been crap every time. I would rather give up the time slot for SF4 teams and leave it at that. Your still welcome to have MeltyBlood as a side tournament but I will not run it.

I think it’s time we get hyped up for TvC, some hyper dude from Greenbay came down here and killed what little resistance we could offer. He was nice enough to show some of us how not to suck so bad but in the long run I feel ashamed to have even played against him. I still wake up screaming…NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!


That just so happens to be the ‘hyper dude from Green Bay’. I’d reckon he knows a thing or two about TvC: UAS.

Attending the next one, Blazblue of course.

You ran the last ranbat on the same day as a bigger tournament in Illinois that was planned out months ahead. What do you expect? And they got more players for MBAA than you have at any tournament that you’ve run. You are showing no appretiation to the people who have actually been bothing to show up. A few of those guys have come from 2 hours away TWICE to come down and play with us, and now since you are basicly in control of the tournament scene in the Chicago area, you are in effect killing whatever chance our small Melty Blood scene has of growing in Chicago. We shouldn’t be penalized just because you decide to run a tournament on the same day as another area tournament that people would also like to go to.

You realize that MBAA was the top voted game to be added to the evo lineup this year, right? There might not be many of us, but the people who play the game are dedicated as hell. It’s already been established that most of the Chicago “fighting game players” are in reality just Street Fighter 4 players, so of course you aren’t going to get huge numbers for other games. Give it another chance. It would be great to see a lineup more consistant with midwest championships and evo especially.

Regarding Tekken, Swiftdemon is right, a $5 pot fee isn’t appealing to Tekken players since we are used to bigger pots and much smaller venue fees. I’ve never run a tournament that had more than a 5 dollar venue fee. Most events that I have been in charge of over the past few years have been no more than 2 bucks for venue, and people here can attest to that. But no one else in Chicago has been able to step up and find a cheaper venue so everyone’s stuck dishing out 10 bucks every month because there’s no other option. Ari tried hard to get a series going at Nickel City but things just din’t work out. Domingo also had something going with Mod Chip Man, with a stream and everything, but the venue just wasn’t that appealing to many players, among other problems that I don’t really want to get into. While the ammount you are charging is more than reasonable to me, to be honest to many other people this is just too much to spend in venue fees every tournament, lumped on top of the venue fees. When I was trying to get people to come to the last one, a few simply didn’t come not only becase it was too expensive, but because the pot prize just wouldn’t be worth it.

If you want to continue to just appeal to the SF4 players, that’s fine, but don’t forget there’s so much more going on in the scene past what happens on SRK.

I really think this discussion is better suited for pms and not in here, but it’s not my discussion so w/e. I do agree that MB should still play if you get a decent pre reg, maybe enforce a pre reg for that just to see if it’s worth it.
Also, what was the turnout for HDR? I might enter

Only four played in the tournament, but there were more that played casuals. We did round robin and then single elimination. Joe said the turnout was a lot higher in previous events. Probably suffered due to the other events happening on the same weekend (see the MBAA discussion).


2v2 teams will follow SF4 signles

Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4 singles will now be $10 entry fee. All other games will stay at $5.

SF4 teams will be $10 per team.

If there are any issues with me or what Im doing please take them up with me Via Email, AREAXIII@GMAIL.COM or PM me here but please keep the information in this thread about the next tournament and keep you questions short and two the point. I’m only one man and I would rather answer everyones questions then spend all day reading one mans gripe.

Thank You.

The nice thing about dead’s setup is that he leaves an open door for side tournaments. MBAA crowd will simply have to “prove him wrong” with a strong turnout.

On an unrelated note, I am running a tournament to determine who will be my 2v2 partner. This competition will be over who can present a logical argument in the most combative and angst-heavy manner possible.


Did I win?

No contest needed call Lee-K pls.
So tasty HDR action is possible eh? Sounds good but we’ll see what my sched is like that day and I can get out early enough.

How about if I come ill team with you.