##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.3-Addison,Il.-Mar.20th 2010.##


On the extreme off chance those conditions are satisfied, then sure.


thats a good team…do it =)


hahahaha, i love homeless shelters though


hey marcus ill team with you i play cammy.
if you dont team up with me ill get roberto sagat to kick yo ass lol jk.


March 19th is a Friday. I just wanted to double-check that the tournament is on Friday, March 19 and not Saturday, March 20; the February tournament was on a Saturday.


what’s up with the little girl fighting game players always causing so much shit?


I was at the other tournament, and nearly every entrant, if not literally every entrant besides me, came from out of state. It’s not even a matter of another tournament being on the same day when NO ONE SHOWS UP TO EITHER ONE. What the hell happened, guys?

Aside from that, just go read syxx’s post, just about anything I could have said beyond my own personal disappointment is there already.

I guess I was too naive to hope that people would start to see the legitimacy of MB as a game, because this shit STILL HAPPENS. So sorry I’m not playing “real” games.


Nuff said. Stop complaining MB fans. Just show up, and show that you want to be there. I’d be willing to bet that not more than 10 players show up max. I think there will be maybe 4 to be honest.

So do like you need to do with Evo this year, and prove that you have a following.


never said it wasn’t real bro. don’t know where you could even extrapolate that from.

whats up with little girl fighting game players and jumping to conclusions and taking offense?




Gee, I wonder where I could have gotten that idea.

I’m not complaining about Dead dropping the game so much. It’s disappointing to hear that he ever had reason to, though. I want to prepare for bigger tournaments, including Evo, so I don’t really care where I’m playing as long as I am playing it. Tournaments would be nice, but if I was just playing casuals every now and then, even with just a few guys, that’d be WAY better than “I guess I’ll training mode this weekend so that if I ever get to play someone I’m not dropping combos.”

Tuboware, I don’t think showing that the game has a following (on its own) will help at all. If people cared about the game enough to care about there being a following, there’d be an obvious following and no need to show it. If people were swayed that easily by a game’s following, we’d all play Smash. MAYBE at Evo, a few people will realize that the gameplay is actually sound. Even then, a lot of people have had a chance to see or play the game and nothing came of it. A lot of others now have that chance in Evo, and are already saying that’s when they’re going to eat because it isn’t 3S or CvS2.


Necrosis: Regardless of how well developed a fighting game Melty Blood is, it will never get respect from traditional 2D fighting game players. You just have to accept it. MB’s inclusion in EVO this year has done the exact opposite of gaining the series some respect. Proponents of other games like Marvel, 3s, and especially CvS2 have only bolstered their hatred for the game since the poll results were released earlier this month. In their eyes, Smash is more a “legit” fighting game than an anime game with little girls. Don’t waste your time and effort trying to validate the game among the close-minded. Besides, what’s so wrong with fighting games that have a couple of little girl characters? According to an SRK poll conducted this month, games like that are favored over certain games created in 1999.

Anyway, I’ll be at the ranbat. I’ll have an MBAA setup in the corner playing by myself or something. :smiley:


Here’s the bottom line…

  1. I don’t hate Melty Blood, in fact I’ve never played Melty Blood. I’ve been supporting Melty Blood since my first tournament but the player have never been there. With no players to support Melty Blood I’m not going to set aside time for it. <–Notice the period.

  2. The tournament is on the 20th not the 19th, I did this last time too. NO MATTER WHAT my tournaments are always on a Saturday despite what I post. One of these times Ill get it right.

  3. Side tournaments…


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I just want to clearly state this: I fully respect this decision. It’s not even like I’m one of those people who drove hours for the tournament only to find out it got cancelled.


Sure its a good fighting game its just that it appeals to a much smaller crowd. The game has some popularity but in the midwest? There is like 12 people playing it probably.


i need parter for the two on two st 4


Nah bro, the scene is HUGE!! And you best believe those same players that wont come to a tournament in their own state will actually make it out to Evo! Bet it!

Yes, I’m still very bitter than Melty Bad won the Evo voting. Only way this bitterness will go away, is if at least 300 people sign up for MBAA, and the top 8 are exciting as all hell to watch. Then, and only then will I shut up about it.


Only 3 weeks away get hype!


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