##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.4-Addison,Il.-Apr. 17th 2010.## RESULTS

Once again I would like to thank everyone for helping make this a great event even though everyone was late…again. The live stream test was fun and added to the entertainment of everyone who participated. Now here are your results


  1. Kurasa
  2. EmptyShiki
  3. Phreakazoid
  4. B-Rad
  5. Frankie G.
  6. Heroic_Legacy
  7. Xian




  1. Heroic_Legacy
  2. EmptyShiki
  3. Phreakazoid
  4. Mooshi-Q
  5. DJMagic Marco
  6. B-Rad


  1. Frankie G.
  2. TuboWare
  4. B-Rad
  5. Heroic_Legacy
  6. DeadXIII

SF4 (singles)

  1. Big Marcus
  2. Spriggan
  3. Kobayashi
  4. Asian Tony
  5. Scrimps
  6. Darmonde
  7. Cannon Spook
  8. Live Reruns
  9. Jigo
  10. TuboWare
  12. BPAmaco
  13. DeadXIII
  14. GrouchieBusiness
  15. Helious
  16. ReyArt
  17. DJMagicMarco
  18. ScotteMad
  19. Heroic_Legacy
  20. Esoul
  21. KRP
  22. B-Rad
  23. C-Money
  24. Phalez16
  25. GetMerked

I will update RanBat points Later.

These event keep getting better and so does the compatition. I can't wait to see what changes in the rankings when Super launches next Tuesday. Train hard people, the next Ranbat is just around the corner.

Thanks for hosting these dude. I had a good time.

good shit kobayashi and scrimps

frankie ft10 for 1 billion in hdr hahaha, also good shit 2 u

DeadXIII tournaments are GDLK. Major props to everyone who participated from parts near and far!

Me and Frankie were in the same situation in HDR as last month. Me coming from losers bracket in grand finals, sweeping him 3-0 to even it the set up, then winning one, losing one, winning one, losing one, and going to final game/final round. This time, I couldn’t clutch it though :frowning: Maybe I should actually learn how to play it properly and I’ll have a chance haha.

Good shit to everyone who showed up. I had lots of fun. Sorry the Chambana crew had to leave so early, but it’s a loooonnnggg drive home. Hope to see everyone there again next week!

Thanks for hosting man. Had a lot fun fighting with some of the best. Will return for the next renbat!

Can’t wait till I graduate and can get out to more of these.

MK2 (Casuals)

  1. DeadXIII
  2. Heroic_Legacy

Needs to be a side tourney for next month.