##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.4-Addison,Il.-Apr. 17th 2010.##

##AREAXIII Ranbat 1.4-Addison,Il.-Apr. 17th 2010.##

Apr. 17th 2010
AREAXIII Ranbat 1.4
Get Ranked or Get Spanked!

4N481 9th Ave.
Addison Il. 60101
(630) 666-0585 (Text only unless its the day of the event)

Venue fee is $10, $5 if you bring a PS3 or Wii and it is used in the tournament.

Games being played include…

Street Fighter 4 (singles) $10

Street Fighter 4 Teams (2v2) $10 per team ($5 per person)

BlazBlue (singles) $5

Tekken 6 (singles) $10

HD-Remix (singles) $5

TvC (singles) $5

Times for the events are as follows:

Doors open at 11am

12- 2pm. TvC and T6

2:30pm - 4:30pm BB and HDR

5pm - 7pm SF4

7pm - completed SF4 2v2 teams

8pm - Open for casuals. (Casuals are FREE if you were in the tournment, $5 entry fee if you were not.)

AREAXIII will be keeping track of you points throughout the year and you points will effect the seeding at all RanBats.

IF you have never regiestered for an AREAXIII event before please send me this information before the day of the event. IF you have then please show up at least 30min. before your event to check in so all events can start on time.

PM me with: (Please leave comments on the thread as well)
First Name
Town you live in.
Game or Games you will be competing in.

If you are bringing a PS3 or Wii please let me know. We have more than enough TVs but we need people to bring systems and copies of games. $5 off venu fee if you bring a system and it’s used for the tournment.

Please show up one hour before your event start to check in and pay. No event will be deleyed due to your tardyness.
The event that is currently in progress has priorty over people playing casuals.

PM me with any Questions.

I’m in this bitch. You should be, too.

Alright, to ignite some hype for Blazblue. I’m putting it to the crowd.

FT5 me in Blazblue and I’ll FT5 you in any other game there (of your choosing) for the same amount of cash.

Blazblue is my main, and basically my only game at this time until Super drops. So you all better start this shit. We need to get Blazblue hype here.

He speaks the truth.

ugh Ill be on a geology trip

I can’t say I’m fond of TvC being so early compared to everything else. I mean who would wanna ride with someone who has to be at the tourney 5 hours before SF4 starts.

I am sorry but the schedule is based on what games should be run together with the fewest number of cross over players. Basically T6 players cross over to HDR and HDR players Cross over to SF4. BB players Cross over to TVC. I keep track of all this so that my schedule can acomadate all players, that’s why HDR got moved to the middle spot with BB. This schedule provides that the majority of those who compete in more than one event don’t have to wait all day for their next event to start. The only advice I can give you if your just intrested in playing TvC is pick up HDR, BB and/or SF4. They are all great games.

Also, there has been a steady decline in players for all other games that are not SF4. I don’t know why this is but if it’s something I did than please let me know so I can correct it.

how about switching BB and TvC’s time slot

Do you have open setups for casuals all day, or just after 8?

all day, I have at least 3 tvs open for side events.

requested the day off, hoping the boss hooks it up. ill pm wen its a sure thing. casuals tomorrow ??? i havnt been out in a while, hows the tuesday casual crowd been?

Tuesdays have been good lately.

Dead sending you a pm regarding a few questions.

Tuesdays have been good lately.

Dead-sending you a pm w/ a few questions

Edit- just to make this post abit more fun. Anyone who plays tvc should come to this keits may be here
My tvc people need more comp and I know damn well you guys could use the offline comp plus it"s tvc need make this game hype.

Necrosis- dude just fucking come to this tourney ya melty wahhhh baby.

I’ll post this here and on the Chicago thread, but anyways…

For the team tournament, I’ve had a few people talk to me about having it be 3v3 instead of 2v2. I was wondering also, if you wanted to make this team tournament 3v3 instead of 2v2 this time to try it out. I’m down. What does everyone else think?

Not sure if I’ll be around, but if I am I’m going to try like hell to be at this one since I missed the last one.

I have this day off so I will be here. I will probably bring a group of people from the South Side of Chicago with me.

I will send you a PM later tonight with my info and games I am entering. :slight_smile:

Geology sucks. Just kidding my wife is an environmental consultant if you are majoring in Geology let me know. Are you going to Missouri?

When does the actual ranbat ‘season’ end and start over again?

yep Misery.

DK- Bring as many TVC players as you can plz