##AREAXIII RanBat 2.0 - August 21st, 2010 - Addison, Illinois##

August 21st, 2010
4N481 9th Ave.

Games this season will be as follows:

BlazBlue:CS Starting at 1pm. (PS3)

SuperStreetFighter4: Starting at 3pm.(PS3)

SuperStreetFighter4 Teams (2v2) will start following SSF4 signles.

 I will run any other tournament as a side tournament following SSF4 as well as casuals. 

Venue Fee: $10

BB:CS: $10

SSF4: $10

SSF4 teams: $5 per team member.

Casuals: $5 (Start at 6pm)

 If you bring a PS3 and it's used in the tournament then your Venue fee is only $5. This discount does not count for casuals.

 Last season we had a lot of fun and I think this new schedule will work best for everyone. I don't have a lot of time to make a long post so thats it in a nutshell. Next month Ill post earlier.


yay Probably should be able to come


I should be there unless financial issues ensue. Hopefully though, I’ll be there!

I like the realistic schedule.

Kinda sux this is the same day we are holding our milwaukee tournament… what happened to this being on the 14th?

it was never on the 14th. thats champaign.


Here’s to hoping for a big turnout in Blazblue. Already yelled at Moosh to show up to it. Eh, looks like I should get started on practicing.

what is your problem

3 my hangover doesn’t even start clearing up by then boo.

The obvious answer is to drink more.
Who wants a teammate?

ballin does

I don’t recall you ever mentioning a specific date for this. In fact, if I hadn’t checked the Chicago thread (where someone mentioned it), I would have been oblivious that the second season started this Saturday… BODY BAG~

Oh, I got a Makoto and Tager player coming. More heads = More fun.

going to the cubs game so imma not be able to make it


Then me neither :frowning:


BODY BAG scrubbed out and won’t be joining us Saturday. He’ll be too busy drinking and worrying about what Tager would’ve done to him.

This looks as if it may be entertaining!

I might be able to go… How long can we expect SSFIV Singles to run? Cuz I gotta work that day

didnt know people go to minor league games.

You win. I was thinking of saying something like that, but I didn’t wanna sound mean lol

I should be there too! And I think Dfly is coming as well.