##AREAXIII RanBat Season 2.0 Aug.21st RESULTS##

Thank you to everyone who could make to the RanBat this weekend. I’m glad you all had a good time even though we were short a lot of players this weekend the show still went on.


1: fLoE-Fei Long-8pts
2: Big Marcus-M.Bison-7pts
3: Spriggan -Akuma-6pts
4: Scrimps-Chun Li-3pts.
5: Phreakazoid-Chun Li-2pts
5: Yanu-Rufus-2pts
7: Darmonde-Rose-1pt
7: parad0x-Rufus/Ryu-1pt
9: DFly
9: TuboWare
9: Heroic_Legacy
9: Kobayashi
13: Drew
13: DeadXIII
13: Scottemad123
13: Tactics
17: get merkd
17: KillerXtreme

1: Heroic_Legacy-Tager-8pts
2: MooshiQ-Lichi-7pts
3: KingOfBums-Noel-6pts
4: Bacon-Tager-3pts
5: NewType-Makoto-2pts
5: LurchEB-Tao-2pts
7: DeadXIII-Bang-1pt

Eugene’s Magical Mystery $1 Random Select Tournament(NonRanking)
1: TuboWare
2: Scrimps
3: FeniXXX
4: Big Marcus
5: Ken
5: Kobayashi
7: parad0x
7: KillerXtreme
9: DeadXIII
9: Yanu
9: Phreakazoid
9: Scottemad123
13: 1ChrisM

 All in all there was a lot of fun to be had and only 2 Zangiefs to deal with in the tournament. I would like to see a lot more BlazBlue players next time. Let me here what you guys thoughts are. I'm concidering prizes for the end of this season, mostly for SSF4 but If we could get a bigger BlazBlue following I would like to reward them too. 

Next RanBat will be Sept. 18th.

So godlike.

fuck you kobayashi

lol 9th in Super. What is this world coming to.

Im always one out of top 8 :frowning: